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Talk the modern way through digital signage Time when digital display has developed to be the prime mode of communication it is preferable for business houses to reach out to masses, keeping them at ease through digital signage software in an aim to realize its motive. It is simple, sophisticated and economic mode of transmission. In the light of today’s competitive success it is essential to advertise the business product or service in a profound manner. Digital signage has shown its ability to reduce customer grievance by making information handy. The increasing use of digital signage software in the corporate and retail industry is driven by the multitude of benefits it offers. Some of their usage advantages are listed below. 1. Ease of labor. The technical string attached to the usage of digital signage software evades the need of manual labor. It is generally functioned through tablets or players where the video content can be uploaded. It is not dependent on the physical task of individuals to get updated. The trade house can remain updated with the data through an internet connection making the task efficient and effective. The process also makes the work done quickly and systematically. It is a productive means in business working. 2. Variety of offerings. The use of digital signage software ensures a display of video content which not only acts as an advertising agent but also eludes the hindrances of transmitting information, updating on new products, developing the insight on the product or service, disseminating instant messages, maintaining back up, engaging into creative conversations, persuading minds and so on and so forth. It is one means which can yield such a hefty array of results. It makes a number of important business activity performed and is yet easy to execute. 3. Organization in execution Digital signage software helps to install and ethical mode of communication. It is centrally controlled thereby discards any unnecessary invasion of visitors or users. In the fast paced business world communication needs to be even more faster and accurate. Any means which calls for a good time share would certainly fail to meet the expectations of stakeholders. A horde of activities needs to be performed at one time with equal efficiency which is often a big challenge to human hands. For an organization to develop, organized approach in working is undoubtedly vital and thus the means which helps in establishing a reliable transparent culture of working should always be welcomed. 4. Economic. The added cost associated with print signs in getting the information transferred is cut out in the usage of digital signage software. Data can be altered, updated, corrected, and created without any further cost. To lift up the profit margin a reduction in cost of production is a prime way. Economic modes of working are generally accepted and mutually appreciated both by buyers and sellers as it helps to achieve a price tag which is affordable keeping the profit margin intact. Digital signage software is an effective means to meet the present day business expectations and work out the challenges on the road to success. Its benefits are innumerable and functions aptly to be chosen. Digital ADVERTISING Signage SOFTWARE POWERED BY NAVORI The NAVORI QL Digital Signage software platform can exchange information with third party advertising software applications using its CSF and Excel file export capabilities. NAVORI QL keeps track what media is playing on what player and at what frequency and records the number of times a media file has been played including the play-out size in case of a multi-zone template. The system aggregates and calculates this information as total playing time per day and presents all of this data in the Q Manager application. This information is vital in order to accurately bill the airtime of each media to the respective customer. Users can be given separate access to playback reports by the NAVORI QL administrator and produce their own custom reports. The results of this reporting can be sorted by media, client name, ad reference and date and time. Reports can be generated periodically and span any number of days, months or other criteria of choice. All reports are stores in the application’s database and this information is available via SQL calls enabling to bypass the user interface and generate the reporting independently from the system. ADVERTISING DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEMS POWERED BY NAVORI Digital Signage Advertising consists of using screens that are connected to a central server. These screens are used to communicate and promote advertising space. Leverage the impact of Digital Signage Advertising through targeted merchandising. NAVORI QL allows you to go fully parametric in your interaction with your audience to the extent of being able to optimize and control your message in function of your customers profile in the most relevant position: in front of your product(s) and at that most relevant momentum you can trigger a purchase impulse. The success rate of this depends on the scenario… NAVORI QL powers it – all the way ! Also known as narrowcasting, this new medium enables the mass customization of messages and has the ability to measure the advertising effectiveness. This medium is also capable to sustain customer relationships, facilitating retailer an/or brand differentiation. That requires an intelligent approach to the systematization of content. In store advertising is on flat screens such as LCD or LED that deliver dynamic images to capture the customers attention. Advertisements can be updated in real time and NAVORI QL contains an easy to use yet very powerful content creation and management system and allows you to update campaigns in a few mouse clicks. NAVORI QL has the highest playback quality available on the market and is fully interactive to seamlessly integrate into any workflow and communications scenario. NAVORI QL has the following architecture: each advertising screen or billboard is connected to a Windows PC player or Android player device on which a NAVORI QL Player software license is running. These players are connected over TCP/IP (internet, LAN, 3G,…) to NAVORI QL Server to retrieve/upload their media files and programming data and NAVORI Server also yields all media and technical statistics from the players. NAVORI QL Server itself is managed by NAVORI QL Manager, an application that runs through any browser. Different administrators can manage NAVORI QL each having their own rights. The NAVORI QL network architecture is fully secured an load balanced and allows to connect a virtually unlimited number of screens organized in as many groups and subgroups. Programming can be organized matrix-wise, according to schedules and can be rule based across different groups of screens in function of f.i. cross regional departmental promotions. NAVORI QL works the wonder for your brands ! ADVERTISEMENT SIGNS POWERED BY NAVORI Hardware costs of flat screens and PC player are steadily decreasing and a growing number of retailers and advertisers are now replacing static printed signs with dynamic digital screen technology. The first generation of this technology was capable of displaying dynamic content and had some basic scheduling functionalities. They are now being replaced with next-generation products that are more powerful and flexible. NAVORI QL is a state-of-the-art second generation digital signage software product that offers a stunning and unmatched broadcast TV playback quality thanks to the proprietary player engine developed by the Swiss company that might now be considered a market leader in the industry. No other digital signage software application can match this playback quality and efficiency. NAVORI QL supports multi-screen and multi-channel installations right out of the box and is a solution of choice for any retail or public advertisement project. ELECTRONIC SIGNAGE POWERED BY NAVORI This Electronic signage software is designed for company specializing in screen based communication. Our D.S.N. networks comprises hundreds of players, This powerful tool (Electronic signage display system) bring its users significant improvements in quality and controls through centralized remote network server, associated with productivity of use. Employee TV Digital signage as we all know is all about advertising brands and products in retail environments through the digital signs installed at different places. But it’s not just only this much. Digital signage has much more benefits than this. Employee TV or "corporate communications" is the best example of it. Employee TVs ( as LCDs, LEDs or plasma screens) are basically installed in corporate firms, where large number of people works as employees. The basic motive of such displays' installation within the firm, is for the benefits of employees which sometimes have no phones with them. So its realy tough to interact with all of them at the same time, some important messages if delayed or failed to reach every employee can sometimes be not affordable for the company. Employee TVs, installed in various sections of the firms (such as lobbies, cafeteria, meeting rooms etc) enables the CEO of the company to broadcast important messages or schedules to every section at the desired time. With the growth of such big corporate firms, the need to communicate with employees also increases. Employees TVs have thus made it possible to build up the gaps between owners and employees in such a way that all of them enjoy the healthy and cooperative environment of the company, and thus make group efforts for the growth of company. Menu boards Menu boards are the signs at any food and beverage counter or restaurants. These signs allow the retailer to display the product list and their prices. Generally menu boards are static signs that are once written and cannot be updated easily. Unlike digital boards. These simple menu boards are not at all attractive to the consumers in the today’s world. today technology has been raised to such a high level, standards of livings, leisure, outings, businesses, promotions etc has became so higher that you can rarely see a simple menu board. Only very small scale retailers who cannot afford digital signs, uses it. Moreover these boards are static and do not allow customers an eye catching experience. They cannot be updated remotely or locally. A single change if needed to be made, make their looks even more worst. It takes time to reprint them in fact. Therefore, digital menu boards are much more effective n attractive than normal text boards Electronic menu boards Electronic menu boards are those menu boards that can be updated electronically. Contents fed to them can be controlled remotely or locally. This has set a new trend in advertising. Just like digital signage, electronic menu boards also display the contents fed on the media players as per the requirements of the quick service restaurants or any other venue where food items or beverages are served. The images of food n beverage items are so appealing on the electronic boards, that sometimes customers are bound to order the appetizers more than they actually need it, hence increasing sales of the retailer. Electronic menu boards are more resistant to heat and steam (unlike digital boards) and thus can be used for longer hours. According to the estimations of the United States’ National Restaurant Association, more than 50% of the restaurants in the family, casual and fine-dining categories are expected to increase their investments in digital/electronic menu boards this year as compared to the last one, which is a great endorsement for their usefulness. Electronic menu boards are modernizing the way of marketing and profiting food retailers in the long run. Digital media networks digital media refers to the media such as audio, videos, graphics and images that are stored on any devices ( like CDs, DVDs etc) in the binary language (0's and 1's) i.e., in computer readable format. The tem digital media networks refer to the transmission of digital data from multiple websites to multiple screens. The digital media networks are emerging with the decrease in prices of custom controllable player devices. These media networks consists of output screens such as LCDs, LEDs or plasmas connected together in a network and being controlled by a server. It can be used for variety of purposes like advertising, providing important information’s like weather updates, news and emergency information to their viewers. Digital media network is a vital part of digital signage and can be seen at various places, like shopping malls, offices, airports, retail outlets and stadiums etc. digital signage and digital media networking has totally changed the meaning of televisions. it acts not just as live TV broadcasters but also a smartest way to advertise and thus making profits for the companies. Digital signage at airports Digital signage software is tremendously gaining its importance in this fast and technology- driven world. From the advertising to entertaining its viewers it’s not done yet. The growing demands for digital signage have made it more and more extraordinary day by day. At airports digital signage is becoming a vast and popular as it is not just a digital board for playing arrival and departure time of the flights but a huge way of promoting businesses and gaining the clients interested in their companies. As we know that digital signage if used appropriately can be beneficial for every kind of businesses specially in crowded areas as on airports where people are bound to sit and wait for their flights to come and that even for hours. Besides providing information about the flights arrival and departure time to the public at airports, digital signage at airports are enticing viewers with attractive offers to get the viewer's information also. Both entertainment and promotion runs side by side in many ways, like companies products promotion, Live TV broadcasts, weather information, social and cultural updates and the most of all it has become the gateway of collecting new data. This is called as an On-spot social app. Its slideshow feature offers viewers to upload thousands of images running on the ipads. The On spot social app of digital signage at airports is thus a new way of collecting user information like their email addresses and contacts information, thus creating a new way to gain customer's attention and professional relationships with them. Well, it is upto the customer whether they are in interested to provide their information regarding email addresses and their social media sites or not. Companies cannot force viewers to do so. Digital advertising signage Digital Advertising Signage is the prominent and the splendid idea of fulfilling the objectives of the company through promoting sales when clients are available and are active in purchase mode. The main idea after the Digital Advertising Signage is to promotion of products and increasing their purchases. This kind of advertising is usually called Digital Out-Of -Home advertising( abbreviated as DOOH) in which contents are displayed on digital signboards which helps in achieving targeted goals through displaying data and contents on specific locations and to specific customers. DOOH is clearer when we see big screens in malls and city squares displaying videos or contents and thus attracting number of viewers present there. Not just to increase the number of buyers for a product, Digital Signage Advertising is also used to engage their clients through some other attractive ideas. For e.g. in big hospitals LCDs showing some kind of riddles, jokes and horoscopes keep the people engage and entertained instead of getting bore while waiting for their turn to see the doctor. Thus both entertainment and promotion can be manifested side by side. Digital Signage System Digital Signage is the best way to promote any kind of business. We see huge plasmas, LCDs or LEDs displaying limited or unlimited contents including images or videos fed on them. All these are the part of THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEM. The system can be simple or complex depending on the needs and the affordability. The digital signage system relies on variety of hardware’s like LCDs, LEDs etc. It may be one or multiple series of monitors depending on the type of business to be promoted. Other than screens, one or more media players are used to feed data n contents on them and a main server connected to the system. Sometimes cameras can also be added for enabling live feeds. Of course along with the necessary and reliable hardware the one more important thing that this system needs is the quality of the display. Because even if you are showing the best advertisement of the products to attract viewers and the display is blur or not clear, consumers will definitely not be interested in seeing it. Digital signage system is not only used for information regarding the products but it should also be fed with the data that a consumer can value, like new attractions in the city or weather n traffic updates. Such information’s also bound the viewers to take a glance at the system. Thus a Digital Signage System is perfect with necessary hardware’s, attractive software’s and the qualitative technology. Digital signage software As we all know that the digital signage is all about promoting businesses through visual graphics, multimedia including images and videos on plasmas, LCDs and LEDs. And this is done through the software’s that are available and designed to do so. Several software’s of Digital signage are available in the market. From the simplest to the most advanced depending on the stores that can afford it. The simplest form runs on the data u feed to it and it displays it on the regular intervals just like a fancy media player. The other advanced software’s include secondary live feeds. Live feeds include the complete interaction with the customers on the spot who are using it or who are willing to know more of the information being displayed through that Digital signage software. Such software’s provides great support and assistance to the customers. As in a car shops who can afford the advanced software’s of digital signage that supports live feeds you can simply sit and keep an eye to what’s going on with your car while sitting and waiting there. Software is also available by which operator can make changes and can interact with the customer and they are shown the new data as per their requirement. As in above example, operator can make changes and you were provided with the list of all the services you got on your car by the mechanic, along with the detailed bill of those services. Thus making frustrating exercises so easier. Digital signage software’s today are much more reliable, innovative and flexible. All you have to choose is a complete set of software that is providing you results up to or beyond your expectations. Digital signage media player A digital media player is an electronic device that stores and plays digital media such as audio, videos, images and graphics. some digital media players also have small TV options / features like playing graphics and videos etc from other media sites like you tube, etc, rather than just playing the data fed to them .These media players when attached to digital signage their working allures thousand of viewers and finally benefitting the company and their sales. Digital signage media players is an important part of the whole system that is set up to advertise companies products. As we know digital signage rely on variety of hardware to delivers display screen a media players and a content management server that is connected to the media players over network .digital signage media player thus perform the main function in such kind of advertisement to gain clients attention and giving excellent results to retailers and manufacturers .one digital media player can support multiple screen at times such media players are also referred as digital media extender, digital media streamer, Digital media hub or digital media receiver etc. A digital signage media player can run on various operating systems such as windows, linux, android and IOS etc. Digital signage today is gaining acceptance as an alternative to static signage. Its media player’s contents can be easily and frequently updated and hence become more popular day by day. DIGITAL SIGNAGE FOR AV INTEGRATARS Digital signage combines number of technologies for a specific communication objectives .it conveys ads information’s and various updates, brandings, entertainments and much more than these to its viewers using a network and one or more digital displays . The best thing about digital signage is that its contents can be managed or updated remotely and locally too .being clear with this information the av integrates workload can be measured that how tough it is for them to manage audios visual displays in perfect and flawless manner. such av integrators are experts in audio and video presentations. The contents are considered as the king in digital word. Digital signage is not just a collection of hardwares like big screen and installing them although its a much more complex system that is managed by av integrators. once the data / contents are fed, digitized and transmitted over the network .their success depends on the quality perfectness and combination of audio and videos appearance .this complex job is handled by av integrators. The av professional checks the system AV integration and installation for the qualitative presentation. As advertising needs timeliness delivery of the content over the network at the same time accuracy, qualitative av presentation is also preferable. Thus digital signage for av integrators is much more than transmitting contents through players. the av integrators hence play the most important part in the digital displays. ELECTRONIC BILLBOARDS Electronic billboards, a new way of delivering information, messages and advertisements to the public (on roads, malls, metro station, airports or any other place out of their homes). the content are updated electronically on such billboards Digital / Electronic billboards displays the images ,videos, graphics or menus through a content source connected to it Sometimes, this team refers tele -vision channels run by computer and sometime as outdoor displays or digital signs. electronic billboards are usually electronic signs / Digital signs that deliver fed contents as per the requirement of the businesses .it includes LCDs, LEDs and big / small plasma screens .the sizes of such signs depends on the affordability of the company who wants the set up. it’s not necessary that electronic billboards are only used for advertising and promotion but several important information that can be useful to the people ( passing by the displays ) are also displayed such information’s includes weather update, stock market updates, cultural events in the city, traffic updates etc. Electronic billboards are still not easy to afford and install even after the prices of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), light emitting diodes (LEDs) and plasma displays panels (PDP) have come down as compared to last few years. Even with so many advantages of such billboards. One negative fact about it is that they distract the attention of the people driving on the road .some mishaps have also been caused (like road accidents) due to this so public themselves have to be careful and take care of their safety while on road. DIGITAL DISPLAYS The Digital Display also called alpha numeric displays refers to the output devices that shows information in the form of characters i.e. numbers or letters. This technology is most commonly used in Digital watches, Digital clocks, Digital alarms, GPS clocks, multi-functional LED Displays, Event counters etc. Working:- Digital Displays Uses LCD technology. it uses two sheets of polarizing material with liquid crystal solution between them When electric current is passed through the liquid causes crystals to align .So that light cannot pass through each crystal therefore is like shutter either allowing the light to pass through it or blocking it. Applications Digital Displays are used at various places such as in school / collages (as synchronized classroom clocks or timer for sports etc). at Airport ( Time Zone Displays )at TV stations (as countdown timers in Newsrooms and control rooms) .At Hospital (as Digital clocks to time surgical operations ) in Automobiles ( as digital clocks , speedometer ) in playgrounds and stadiums ( as scoreboards ) and calculation etc. But this is just a basic form in today’s digital world. Today Digital Displays also refers to big digital screens and monitors which uses LCDs, LEDs etc to display videos, digital images streaming media etc. Corporate TV Corporate firms are the organization or the group of people that has rights and liabilities separate from those of individuals. A company’s success actually relies on various matters like production, sales employers target, employee’s cooperativeness etc. but the most important thing is healthy, effective and timely communication with the employees. As corporate world is very big from within, they have multiple employees at multiple sites, it become complex and difficult to communicate with all of them at the same time or as when required. As a solution to this problem corporate communication breaks through the clutter and delivers information to the employees when needed. Digital Advertising Network Digital Advertising or digital signage is the best and innovative idea to advertise and communicate directly with the customers about the products and brands .Ad based Digital signage networks display third party ads from the brands in the given venue. Advertising network is a company that focuses on serving ads for retailer or manufacturers. Such company is independent from the clients and their consumers. Digital Advertising network is the network through which publishers get advantage by hiring them to promote their businesses on web or through other medium. As it is difficult to deal directly with the advertiser, it is a good alternate to utilize a network to fill the inventory. Digital advertising network uses various methods to advertise such as mobile phones televisions .Digital signs Emails, online shopping channels etc. The choice depends on the retailers, what they think is suitable for their business. No Retailer or manufactures can manage broadcasting and installation etc for their advertisement .Such work is handled by ad agencies (on small scale like news paper, magazines or mobile phones) and advertising networks (on large scale through internet, Digital Signs, Emails & websites etc ) The technology driven world today uses attractive and allowing advertisements that captivate their consumes attention (even at homes or malls and public places and compel them to take actions. Retail TV Networks Retailers , today are using television networks to gain the consumers attention at their venues. They understood the importance and power of signage, and thus using TV network tool for broadcasting valuable information and advertisement for their products to specific consumers. Digital signage and DOOH also becoming a vital part of retail industry, But televisions network can also not be underestimated. The electronic retailing ( as shop from home ) is also becoming popular now-a-days . Retailers explore new Ideas to advertise through TV Networks such retail Industry include electronic retailing (home shopping) and online shopping ( through internet ) .These kind of product promotion technique is more fruitful than normal television ads .We see daily presenters who present and promote companies products on television , emphasize on goods in the way that consumers / viewer got allured by their presentation and places the orders immediately through phone calls or company’s website .Attractive Discount are also offered to the viewers . This retail industry offers a large variety of goods such as clothing, Kids wear accessories, curtains kitchen appliances jewelry, computer electronics watches, cell phones and tablets, beauty and care etc. And the list is so long. The retail television network can be scan on cable, satellite and some terrestrial channels in India .Some companies that are expanding and gaining the viewers attention are home shop 18 star CJ alive etc. Thus TV network also has become a boon for…


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