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Navori is the pioneer of the digital signage industry. The first release of Navori software was issued in 1997. For 15 years, Navori provides a professional Digital Signage software suite intended to power and monitor networks of screens and players.

Navori literally invented the content management software user interface currently used by most vendors.  This multitenant interface enables users to see at a glance what is happening on their network of players.

Player inventory among groups and subgroups, content library, playlist, scheduling, monitoring window and actual playback reporting.

It also came with a drag and drop based intuitive interface, enabling non-technical users to create and manage programs in seconds.

In 2011, Navori rebuilt from scratch its software and released Navori QL product. The content management interface turnout out web based. It came with a proprietary playback engine that renders with the same quality than broadcast TV.

Precise to 1/30th of a second, frame accuracy, multi-layer, it is powerful enough to play 12 HD synchronized videos at the same time.  Until late 2012, Navori digital signage software was available on Microsoft windows operating system.

Another leap was made with the release of an Android version of QL Software early 2013. The goal was to enable users to broaden communication support beyond the screen. QL Android edition can run on any Android device such as Android TV, Android tablets and USB devices such as Android Stix 2400 series. End-users must be able to publish on more than just screens.

Digital Signage is the technology behind the new generation of advertising networks, retail signage, corporate communications, campus TV, QSR- Quick Service Restaurants and menu boards, hospitality and conference venue signage, shopping mall signage, airport signage, train station, public transportation in trains, taxi, ferry boat, gas pump and all other areas where classic printed signage is replaced by flat panel monitors, LED walls or projection systems.

Navori QL Software is used on more than 100 countries, marketed through our subsidiaries in North America, Ibero America, Europe and the Middle East.

QL Digital Signage Software is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Japanese.

Navori is exclusively focused for 15 years in Digital Signage software research and development, providing innovative functionalities, mostly one year ahead of the market.

Digital Signage Software- The Meaning

When someone says “digital signage software”, they are referring to the digital displays which are used to spread information and persuade. Interestingly, it’s the next big thing across the world. The digital signage software has become increasingly common among various transit systems and retailers. Also, each day more government institutions, campuses and enterprises are trying to derive their own ways so as to benefit from the fast growing technology.

The digital signage software can essentially be used for an array of applications ranging in call centers, manufacturing floors, elevator banks, meeting rooms to any virtual public network.

Digital Signage - Benefits

The Digital Signage Software has a wide range of benefits for each individual out here. It can be used for communicating with people, watching television along with various other reasons. Few of which are:

  • One can deliver new in real time.
  • One can access multiple screens at once.
  • It’s cheaper than print and also environment-friendly.
  • One can distribute various kinds of information at work, organizations and government offices.
  • It can also be used to send warnings about weather, fire, security threats and other emergencies.

Digital Signage–The Need

Looking at the fact that the Digital signage software has immense benefits, it also cannot be ignored that that using the software is also the need of the hour.The software is only useful for sharing information but also for sharing it reliably and instantly and reliably along with real-time updation.

The software improves one emergency preparedness too by providing an immensely powerful and flexible platform for speedy delivery of the alerts. The message can be transferred in just a fraction of second irrespective of the source, length or distance to be covered. The Digital Signage Software is indeed the modern approach to faster communication along with better features like animated graphics and increasedinteractivity.