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Digital Signage Systems

Digital Signage Systems By Navori

Digital Signage Systems are a network of electronic signs that are remotely managed from anywhere in the world using one or several central workstations.

Applications for digital signage are diverse: retail, POP, corporate communications, hospitality, health care, advertising, airports, train stations, trains, buses, ferries, fitness centers, hotels, …

The concept is penetrating all markets and is replacing static printed communications such as advertising panels and bulletin boarding with digital display devices. These can be connected so they can easily be updated – saving astronomically on print and labor costs.

Such a system is built with a number of different components: displays powered by a dedicated player software that runs on a windows PC or Android device, connected over a network to a server system that can be operated by different users with a management application they can simply access through their browser. Users can create and manage content that matches broadcast TV quality and differentiate playback by groups or subgroups of screens, down to programming content specifically for an individual sign. The server architecture allows to connect a virtually unlimited number of screens in the network. The system is extremely powerful yet easy to use. Users with limited IT skills can be trained in a matter of hours.

The software described is NAVORI QL – the ultimate digital signage software solution.

NAVORI QL offers the highest playback quality,is fully scalable and easy to use. NAVORI QL can be self-hosted and is also available as a SaaS – Software as a Service.

Digital Signage System                     

Digital Signage is the best way to promote any kind of business. We see huge plasmas, LCDs or LEDs displaying limited or unlimited contents including images or videos fed on them. All these are the part of THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEM. The system can be simple or complex depending on the needs and the affordability. The digital signage system relies on variety of hardware’s like LCDs, LEDs etc. It may be one or multiple series of monitors depending on the type of business to be promoted. Other than screens, one or more media players are used to feed data n contents on them and a main server connected to the system. Sometimes cameras can also be added for enabling live feeds. Of course along with the necessary and reliable hardware the one more important thing that this system needs is the quality of the display. Because even if you are showing the best advertisement of the products to attract viewers and the display is blur or not clear, consumers will definitely not be interested in seeing it. Digital signage system is not only used for information regarding the products but it should also be fed with the data that a consumer can value, like new attractions in the city or weather n traffic updates. Such information’s also bound the viewers to take a glance at the system. Thus a Digital Signage System is perfect with necessary hardware’s, attractive software’s and the qualitative technology.