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Narrowcasting Broadcasting


Narrowcasting means the dissemination of information to (a) specific ‘narrow’ audience(s). Contrary to Broadcasting where one feed goes to the entire audience.

The NAVORI QL Digital Signage software platform was specifically designed for narrowcasting applications. Multiple users can be defined each having their specific and secured workflow access. Content can be scheduled in playlists for groups of players down to individual display devices in the network. Any TCP/IP network architecture is supported. All information and programming instructions are done in QL Manager that uploads the information and media files to QL Server. QL Player units retrieve their information from this point and upload the media files and playlist instructions – a push/pull architecture that guarantees playback and remote site uptime even when the network connection should be interrupted. QL Server also retrieves the technical status and media statistics from each individual QL player enabling a full and real time monitoring of the network as well as the collection of media statistics for airtime billing purposes. The NAVORI QL  software platform is fully ‘anti-graffiti’ secured and applies a proprietary load balancing technique to enable a virtually unlimited number of QL Digital Signage players to be deployed. TheNavori QL server architecture is poor connection compatible and recovers upload/download connections in case of distortion or rupture – important for mobile and automotive installs. NAVORI QL has the lowest bandwidth use in the industry and guarantees maximal airtime. Most importantly the NAVORI QL player has the highest playback quality in the market, offering a stunning true TV broadcast look-and-feel with seamless media transitions (no black-outs between media) maximizing airtime exploitation. The NAVORI QL software platform also has the lowest cost of ownership – lowest CAPEX (acquisition cost) and up to 55% lower OPEX (operational and maintenance costs) in the industry. Navori QL narrowcasting is available for both PC player  Microsoft Windows™ and Google Android™ narrowcasting player appliances such as narrowcasting tablets, smart TV or Android TV devices – leveraging the initial investment even more at no compromise to the quality. Both player technologies are transparently managed through QL Manager and handled through QL Server, allowing the deployment of a Hybrid Digital Signage platform.

Narrowcasting allows you to aim media to specific target audience groups – a public defined by rulings such as values, preferences, demographic or geographic criteria. The Navori QL software solution is the ideal component for such “niche marketing” scenario’s. Its management architecture is matrix-wise allowing to attribute media to players based on multiple cross parameters. Playlists can be shared and merged in function of all kinds of criteria such as opening times, time of day, promotions, weather circumstances, audience metrics, inputs from Remote Control or sensors or data value inputs from external databases etc….  NAVORI QL is a full interactive solution: it is compatible with all multimedia formats in their generic format maintaining all media properties. In QL Manager all media and content management including the creation of media and templates is included. Navori QL player software is multi zone and multi-layer and reads all types of external data such as RSS feeds, text files, XML, applets, external database information and displays this information in real time. NAVORI QL Player software can trigger media or playlists to immediate interrupt and override running playlists. This enables to embed a Safety and Security signage scenario. NAVORI QL Player software can f.i. be connected to a building alarm system to immediately switch to location based and position relevant alert and evacuation messages. NAVORI QL  can also power any type of kiosk system and boldly stated: with NAVORI QL the only technical limit is the marketing communications scenario itself !.