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Populate your screens with the latest content, news and live data on our digital signs. Easily display business intelligence dashboards, weather feeds, KPI data, social media and more by using our cloud-based and on-premise digital signage solutions.


Deliver the right message to the right screens at the right time. Program smart content rules and triggers, then let QL take care of the rest of your digital signage content needs.


Display interactive content on touch screens, trigger content from any location using your smartphone and use data feeds to launch dynamic content based on real-time events. No other CMS software is built to let you do this much on your screens, right out of the box.


Discover QL Professional

the top performing and easiest to use Digital Signage SOFTWARE on the market

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QL Professional - Server


  • Available on-premise or cloud-based
  • Highest security certifications
  • Open architecture / API
  • Microsoft compliance: Active Directory, ADFS, SSO
  • Scalable: Load balancing, failover, CDN
  • World-class support
  • Proven reliability
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  • Professional-grade rendering based on schedules, tags, data feeds, conditions and user mobile control
  • Multi-platform, 100% interoperable
  • Multi-player synchronization
  • Rendering up to 8K per media player
  • Reliable digital signage software, 24x7x365
Windows-Android-Tizen-LG WebOs-Navori QL

Create & Trigger Content from any Mobile Device

Apple-Android-QL Mobile

Non-desk employees have real-time control to accommodate any business situation

Enable user interaction with one or multiple players / content from a smartphone or tablet. Ideal for express messaging, sales assistance, and instant publishing.

Simplify Hardware and Reduce Total Cost of Digital Signage Software Ownership by 48%

Hardware work flow

Simplification leads to innovation, speed and agility!

System on Chip (SoC) displays running on professional digital signage software can deliver similar performance and features as a powerful PC based media player.

Benefits: Compared to PC players, SoC lowers your CAPEX and OPEX by up to 48%. This leaner cloud-based digital signage architecture improves reliability by a factor of three and provides real-time screen monitoring information inside QL Content Manager.

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Take on any Challenge with Navori QL Player!

Take on any challenge with Navori QL

One professional software, 100% inter-operable for all display brands and screen layouts

QL Player supports up to 4K on all platforms including mobile devices, tablets, SoC displays and external media players.

QL Player for Windows supports up to 8K when using a multi-display layout with Navori Insane Performance Rendering (IPR) add-on.

Windows-Android-Tizen-LG WebOs-Navori QL

Create Smart Content

New generation of user and data-driven content

Dynamic content can be generated by user programming and / or smart rules driven by live data feeds. Enforce environmental attributes and dynamic scenarios with content triggered from users or third-party systems.

Dynamic digital Menu board fed by Business Intelligence / AI

☑ Availability
☑ Date / time
☑ Location
☑ Situation: Weather / HW…

Stix 3500 photo
StiX 3500
Signage Player 4k rendering
The ultimate 4K signage player device!
Designed from the ground up for Digital Signage.
Plug and Play, easy upgrade of legacy displays.

About Navori

Navori empowers your innovative digital signage strategy



With 22 years of experience in the digital signage software industry, Navori is developed 100% in-house. We specialize in professional, enterprise-grade digital signage software and are a recognized supplier to Fortune 100 companies and organizations worldwide.



Internationally established in America, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia, our cloud-based digital signage and management software has a global presence.

Navori Global Presence - Offices and Representations Worldwide


Navori R&D leads the industry through innovation:

  • Ultra High Definition 8K Player
  • User, AI and data feed driven
  • Mobile control
  • Multi-platform, 100% inter-operable
  • Highest security certifications

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Bring the power of QL 2.2 to Brightsign media players!
Designed for HD and 4K BrightSign media player hardware
Upgrade via SD card
Propriatory NAVORI software developed in-house
All QL Player features supported
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Navori provides the canvas within its QL Pro software to support virtually any resolution we want, which gives our content creators the ability to bring stunning visuals to life on any display

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