Navori: Where efficient design meets exceptional performance.

Navori has been creating high-end digital signage software solutions since 1997. We are a “lean and mean” company focused on engineering, R&D and constant innovation.

As a global player, Navori is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland with subsidiaries in North America (Navori Inc. in Montreal, Canada), Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Argentina. Each Navori office has its own sales team that collaborates with a dedicated level 2 and 3 technical support team.


The Navori software is available in three different “flavors”:

  • An on premise version for digital signage operators looking for a white label solution to operate networks with thousands of players located within their own geographic area. These network operators can be multinational companies or local actors. In this scenario, the network operator hosts and manages his very own Navori QL Server.
  • A cloud based or on premise solution optimized for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and system integrators. In this scenario, Navori QL can become part of a larger solution offered to end customers.
  • Navori’s QL Express cloud version delivers a simplified version of the QL software specifically designed for end customers. This product is offered with its own “plug and play” digital signage hardware player. This solution was created for customers who already have their own screens and who are looking for a complete turnkey solution.
  • Navori is at the heart of many digital signage innovations:

    1. First company with a fully native digital signage player software:

    • that offers the same content quality and features as broadcast TV.
    • available in both Windows and Android versions with identical performance and features.

    2. First CMS (content management software) that offers collaborative program and Player management.

    • Multi-client
    • Multi-user
    • Multilevel

    3. The Navori QL digital signage system delivers a 70% reduction of CAPEX and 50% reduction in OPEX.

    Digital signage has been the company’s sole focus since 1997. It’s all we do which explains why Navori is a leader in its field. Our QL software platform was designed for users of every type whether their focus is creative, technical or administrative. QL features a very intuitive user interface that can be mastered in minutes, not days.

    By choosing Navori, you choose one of the top digital signage software publishers in the world.

    We welcome you to our Innovation Center in Lausanne, Switzerland where you will discover every innovation we currently have under development and experience solutions readily available for deployment.

    Press Release: Navori Opens Office In Germany To Support Regional Growth
    Press Release: Navori Opens A Digital Signage Innovation Center In Lausanne, Switzerland

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