Extend your business intelligence

Expand your business offerings by delivering high-end technology in a growing industry.

Digital Signage Simplified.

Easily control and show your content on any number of screens. QL Software includes everything you need to create, deploy your digital signage, and play any content on any screen.

  • In-a-minute Content Creation
  • Powerfull and Intuitive CMS
  • Mobile App Management

AI Marketing Analytics

Improve the volume and attributes of your inbound visitors, the attractiveness of your store or assortment, customer experience, and advertising audience reporting

  • Collect Accurate Data
  • Optimize your Retail Marketing
  • Intelligent Display of Content

Create and upload any content

Display any type of media, template, and data feed.

Build smart programs

Schedule and automate your digital signage programming using smart playback rules and tags.

Optimize your Retail Marketing

Intelligent Display of Content

Generate true metrics

Monitor every screen’s activity and status from any location.

Who we are

We are a Swiss software innovator, delivers premium digital signage and AI-driven marketing analytics solutions to improve physical business performance and audience satisfaction.


  • 20+ years in the digital signage software manufacturing.
  • Specialized in professional software.
  • Recognized supplier to fortune 100 companies.

Global Presence

  • Breakdown: America 40%, EMEA 40%, Asia 20%
  • 50 Employees / 20 Engineers
  • Empowering 1.280.000 players in 115 countries.


  • 20% of revenues reinvested each year into product innovation
  • Navori’s R&D department leads the industry in innovation.