Storefront digital signage displays

Retailers are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to attract customers, and storefront digital signage has played a big role in bringing in shoppers. It’s the same whether they’re on a busy street, in a pop-up retail location or part of a mall-based retail chain.  Today’s shoppers […]

Meeting Room Displays

QL is the perfect solution for all your meeting room signage needs.  Authorized users can monitor and manage meeting room  information directly in the CMS, QL can be interfaced with most room management software to create a fully automated system. Book rooms in QL or use your own room management software […]

Elevator screens and displays

Elevator screens are generally located in buildings where you already have a fairly good grasp of the demographics. It’s an ideal location to deliver targeted ads and programming that will appeal to viewers. This is a great opportunity to reach out to your audience.  Why not take advantage of it?  Perhaps the […]

Information display systems

Digital Signage for information display systems is used by the transportation industry. Flight Information Systems are used in airports to display flight information to passengers. Digital displays communication have been used for years to inform about arrivals and departure flights in real-time. Displays are located inside and around airport terminals. Larger […]

Content triggering

Need to display emergency messages, amber alerts or other time sensitive information?  The QL Trigger SDK can handle all your instant notification needs. Launch any content or playlist instantly from an external trigger. Content triggering is based on external data, keypads, sensors, Kinect or third party software. Display any type of […]

Tablet and Mobile

QL engine runs on Google Android tablets and mobile either in passive mode or with interactivity. Tablets provide convenient all-in-one package, in a size good for a small area. It’s easy to change the message quickly, and if you have multiple tablets all with Internet access, you can remotely push digital […]

LED Displays

LED Displays are bright, immersive and modular. This technology was originally used outdoor for digital billboards and LED signs. A new generation is now available for indoor applications and windows front. LED signs feature a lower resolution than traditional displays. It is used whenever viewers stand at five to ten meters […]

Touch screen public display

Touch screen public display applications are becoming an essential component of any building lobby or commercial space.  You’ve probably already encountered public display software at your local shopping mall or when visiting a public building.  Those screens are mainly used for wayfinding and information kiosks with interactive content delivered in […]

KPI and dashboards

Business intelligence (BI) is used to deliver actionable information and help corporate executives make better informed decisions.   One component of the business intelligence process is based on data visualization through signage displays. This data can come from many sources, the main one being key performance indicators (KPIs).  Data visualizations are often delivered using custom designed dashboards that help […]

Message & social media boards

Social media board displaying  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feed or internal messaging for corporate communications Digital signage lets you present more information in a smaller space than traditional bulletin and message boards.  Digital signage displays can be mounted in any location that is easily accessible for your viewers to provide an […]

Digital Displays

Navori QL is the only native player software running on both indoor and outdoor digital signage displays. Indoor: Signage Displays designed for indoors locations can be either professional screens or consumer. Dooh Digital displays are used in retail, digital menu board, corporate and employee communication, government and hospitality. A digital […]

Video wall software

Restaurants, entertainment venues and trade shows make extensive use of video wall software and multi-display configurations including digital menu boards. These usually involve a powerful PC with a multi-head video card to drive the entire show.  From a software perspective, video wall and multi-display applications can be difficult to design and […]

Wayfinding open source digital software

Installing a wayfinding open source software in your lobby is an excellent way to greet visitors.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression. Wayfinding displays are used in corporations, schools, exhibition centers, stadiums, shopping malls, transit stations, office buildings and other public venues.  In fact, a well designed […]

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage is commonly used in wayfinding applications, where touch-screens let visitors navigate an interactive map. You will often find interactive display software deployed in retail stores, transportation hubs, corporate offices, stadiums, exhibition halls, and public spaces. Hotels also use interactive digital signage screens for concierge applications and information kiosks. […]

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards help quick service restaurants increase sales and cross-sales, entertain customers and improve with digital menus. Navori QL digital menu board software empowers restaurant owners and operators so they can manage, edit and display menus instantly. QL’s benefits are…   QL LETS YOU CREATE, PUBLISH AND DISPLAY STUNNING MENU BOARDS WITH EASE QL […]