Elevator screens are generally located in buildings where you already have a fairly good grasp of the demographics. It’s an ideal location to deliver targeted ads and programming that will appeal to viewers.

This is a great opportunity to reach out to your audience.  Why not take advantage of it?  Perhaps the building’s food court could use a quick sales lift, or the local gym is soliciting new members.  Maybe there are office vacancies to fill, or other useful information you can deliver.  This is when elevator displays have the greatest impact.  They let you reach out to tenants and visitors as they circulate through your building.

Advertising networks understand the need to publish a mix of ads and information that is relevant to elevator occupants.  For example, information about local retail businesses, or live news, weather and sports.  The most successful network operators add other content like trivia, games, entertainment news and social media content. The goal is to provide a useful service to viewers, and generate sufficient advertising revenue to keep the network viable.

Real-estate management firms and venue owners are now installing their own screen networks, creating a powerful communication and advertising platform for their tenants.  They use digital signage software as a means to enhance shared building spaces, like elevator waiting areas and entrance lobbies.

Don’t underestimate the power of elevator screens to inform and entertain viewers.

  • No more boring elevator rides! Use digital signage displays to provide content that captivates and entertains the audience.
  • Grab people’s attention and deliver useful information.  This is especially relevant for hotels, and corporate offices where you can show news items, events, weather forecasts, meeting room occupancy information, or restaurant menus.
  • You can trigger emergency alerts that will instantly appear on every elevator display, or target specific groups of displays.
  • Control your elevator screens remotely (turn them on or off, retrieve real-time player monitoring, and more).
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