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Digital Signage and Your Safety

Navori is proud to offer a digital signage platform that can be used to do much more than just play images and videos on screen. Among other things, the Navori QL digital signage platform can be trusted to relay and display important safety related warnings and alerts across your entire signage network instantaneously.

Using the Navori Data Feed Manager in conjunction with our innovative conditional triggering tools, you have the ability to let data feeds dictate what plays on your screens and when. In this context, the idea is that as soon as a warning or alert is received, the alert content will automatically be triggered on your screens with no user intervention required. Once the emergency scenario is cleared, your screens will automatically return to playing their regularly scheduled content.

QL is compliant with CAP and other emergency alert systems for the dissemination of critical safety messages and announcements. When looking for a third party provider of critical safety alerts and notifications to use in conjunction with QL, always ensure that these protocols are being used.

Emergency Alerts and Notifications – CAP Compliance

During an emergency, safety and administrative officials must provide life-saving information quickly and efficiently. They rely on modern notification systems and alerting protocols, such as the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

Rely on QL to Keep People Safe and Situationally Aware

The Navori QL digital signage platform is compliant with the CAP messaging standard so that local authorities can automatically and instantly trigger emergency evacuation messages and related content across digital signage networks using predefined conditional triggering rules. The same method can be used by private organizations to broadcast urgent messages in buildings, airports, college campuses, malls and convention centers and any other public or private spaces. Adoption of these standards and technologies is growing at a rapid rate in the United States and worldwide. In many cases, especially on college campuses and in large public gathering spaces, the use of a certified emergency and alert warning system is being mandated as a non-negotiable and firm requirement.

If and when an emergency situation arises, all of your digital signage screens will instantly stop what they are doing in order to display the current emergency information and direct the audience on what to do next. Conveniently, once the emergency situation has been cleared, your digital signage displays will automatically skip to main content immediately and with no user intervention required. Setup is simple, intuitive and obvious, and there is no programming or in-depth application level training required.

Be Prepared for Any Situation

Navori has established partnerships with a number of the leading emergency alert and notification providers in the world. Our software based solution has been tested and certified with these providers, ensuring that using Navori QL as a delivery mechanism for critical alerts and emergency notifications is a safe, secure, and viable option for companies and organisations of all sizes.

Ensure the emergency preparedness and safety of your employees, students, customers and community by using your Navori Digital Signage platform as a public alert and warning system that will automatically trigger real-time alerts and warnings on all of your displays, regardless of their geographic location. Of course nobody wants to ever be faced with critical or life threatening emergencies. Our best defense against these unpredictable and dangerous scenarios is to do what we can to remain vigilant and be very well prepared for when one arises.


The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) allows emergency messages to be simultaneously disseminated over a wide variety of existing and emerging public alerting systems. CAP is an international technical data specification developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).

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Alert Origination Software Partners: Alertus, Omnilert, Rave Mobile Safety, Singlewire

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