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The interactive digital signage challenge

Shopping malls and office spaces rely on wayfinding to inform visitors and drive engagement. How can digital signage contribute to this scenario?

Engage your visitors by making your digital signage content interactive. Deliver wayfinding maps, building directories, interactive donor walls, and information kiosks that instantly turn viewers into participants.

  • QL Player software
  • QL Spy interactive add-on module
  • Player advanced monitoring
  • Template Designer
  • QL supports interactivity right “out of the box”

Manage and trigger digital signage content across multiple screens using templates, HTML5 apps and third-party software.

Grab viewer’s attention with “attract loops” that contain useful information, calls to action and advertising content. As soon as someone interacts with the display, the loop is interrupted and the desired digital content loads. This could be an HTML5-based app or any QL-managed digital signage content, such as a video or a template. Once there is no more interaction, the QL Player resumes the scheduled playlist and waits for further activity.

It’s important to note interactivity doesn’t always require touch screen displays.

  • QL can trigger content using many inputs, and interact using:

  • Motion and gesture-detecting sensors
  • RFID or iBeacon based on proximity
  • Voice recognition
  • Computer Vision (AI-based facial recognition solutions)
  • QL Mobile app from a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet)
  • When someone pushes a USB button

You can’t talk about interactive digital signage without mentioning interactive wayfinders. The basic hardware components for modern wayfinding are accessible and affordable. You need a touch-enabled display with a PC or Android-based media player connected to it. The real secret is the digital signage content. Wayfinding can be anything from an interactive and searchable information directory with a flat 2D map or a 3D map with integrated video playback walking you through your route.

  • Interactive digital signage can also have other uses:

  • Interactive billboards tied to consumer products that react when people are passing by the displays, or when people wave at the sign.
  • Exterior or interior store signage that changes its content based on current weather conditions.
  • Interactive digital signs that change the media on their displays based on the physical characteristics of the viewer, like their gender or age using face recognition technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

QL Player is interactive digital signage that is supported on multiple hardware platforms, so you have plenty of options. You can deliver your projects on Windows PCs or Android devices, including Navori’s own QL Stix media player. You don’t necessarily need to use a touch screen either, as QL's digital solutions can interface with many types of sensors, displays, kiosks and other devices including motion and gesture-detection systems.
QL Analytics reports will track anything managed by our software, and all data uploaded and stored in the QL Content Library and published to QL Players. QL does not track third-party software apps triggered from our software.

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