KPI and dashboards

Display live and actionable information to your staff

Business intelligence (BI) is used to deliver actionable information and help corporate executives make better informed decisions.   One component of the business intelligence process is based on data visualization through signage displays. This data can come from many sources, the main one being key performance indicators (KPIs).  Data visualizations are often delivered using custom designed dashboards that help the audience interpret the information in a more meaningful way.

  • QL Manager features a Template Designer tool so users can integrate XML and RSS data feeds with other content to deliver versatile KPI dashboards signage. You can read KPI data directly and display a mix of data and images within any data feed.
  • The QL Player trigger API can be used to alert staff whenever any monitored value exceeds preset levels.  Using this technique, QL users can monitor statistics for staff members, corporate departments, work teams or the entire organization.


Display the KPI dashboards and proprietary data on selected displays.  For example, show sensitive information to management while public information is shown on customer facing screens.

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Proven benefits


Keep employees informed on latest events and corporate communications.


In real-time broadcast company results and involve staff to increase performance.


Communicate encouraging corporate messages to keep workforce engaged.


Show animated live KPIs from different company departments and keep employees informed with latest results.