LED digital displays are bright, immersive and modular. While this technology was originally used for outdoor digital billboards and LED signs, the newest generation can also be used for indoor applications and storefront windows. They are ideal in applications where the audience stands five to ten meters from the screen. LED displays are becoming more affordable as manufacturing costs continue to drop while image quality has improved significantly to the point where these massive displays are now used in many indoor applications. Outdoor LED signs are designed to withstand the elements and they are sufficiently bright to be readable in full sunlight. What used to be a technology focused on scrolling marquees and roadside billboards is now being used on the side of buildings as architectural features.

Navori QL Player software includes a specific set of features for LED displays. Our software lets you play your content in any layout, andat any resolution. QL Player supports all custom resolutions used by proprietary LED display video cards. Create custom content for any application with QL’s Template and Ticker designers. Schedule screen on/off times and retrieve valuable status information from any display in real-time.

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