LED Displays


LED Displays are bright, immersive and modular. This technology was originally used outdoor for digital billboards and LED signs. A new generation is now available for indoor applications and windows front. LED signs feature a lower resolution than traditional displays. It is used whenever viewers stand at five to ten meters away.

LED billboards, also commonly known as DOOH is an extremely popular advertising medium that is growing due to many factors.  First, LED displays are becoming more affordable as manufacturing costs continue to drop.  Image quality has improved significantly to the point these massive displays are now also used in several indoor applications as well.  Outdoor LED signs are specially designed to withstand the elements and they are sufficiently bright to be visible in full sunlight.  What used to be a technology focused on scrolling marquees and road side billboards is now used on the side of buildings as architectural features.  No one will ignore your message if it’s displayed on an outdoor LED display.

  • Grab the attention of pedestrians and drivers with colorful, animated messages any time of the day or night.
  • QL lets you control your LED displays remotely.  Schedule on/off times and retrieve valuable status information from any display.
  • Play your content at any resolution, on any layout.  QL supports custom resolutions used by many proprietary LED signs video cards.
  • Create custom content for any application with QL’s Template and Ticker designers.
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Proven benefits


Develop selective contents and interact with passer-byes for maximum brand benefit.


Retain viewers attention and create dynamic content.


Diversify your communication messages to ensure powerful Ads.


Manage showcased Ads in multiple locations from a single point.