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If you have experience working with content for LED display solutions, you know that custom resolutions and pixel spaces are the name of the game. Content must be created in very specific resolutions and placed in specific pixel spaces so that the LED hardware can take that input and display it cleanly on the LED screens or LED video wall. In order to successfully create and deploy content for LED displays, you should have at your disposal a combination of professional grade player LED sign software, and easy to use layout and design tools. Having these tools from a single software provider will ensure seamless design and deployment phases. To that end, the Navori QL Digital Signage Platform provides you with the following, right out of the box:

Navori QL PLayer Software Designed for LED Displays

Navori QL Player software includes a specific set of features designed for LED displays. Our software lets you play your content in any layout and at any resolution, making it the ideal digital signage software choice regardless of the size or orientation of your LED displays. QL Player supports all custom resolutions used by proprietary LED display processors and video cards on the market today, while also guaranteeing pixel perfect and frame accurate content playback across the board.

QL’s Template and Ticker Designer

QL’s Template and Ticker designers provide you with the tools required to easily create custom ‘LED ready’ content for any layout and any application. Both QL designer tools are intuitive ‘drag and drop’ web-based applications that are easy to use as there is no programming, coding or scripting of any kind to be done. This puts the control and creativity squarely in the hands of your creative and content productions teams, giving them the freedom they require to create engaging and immersive content for your company. Schedule screen on/off times and retrieve valuable status information from any display in real-time.


While LED display technology was originally used for outdoor digital billboards and LED signs, the newest generation can also be used for indoor applications and storefront windows. LED displays are also becoming more affordable as manufacturing costs continue to drop while image quality has improved significantly to the point where these massive displays are now used in many indoor applications as well. What used to be a technology focused on scrolling marquees and roadside billboards is now being used in shopping centers and on the side of large buildings as architectural features. You should strongly consider using an LED display if your display will be placed in a location where there is lots of bright ambient light, and in situations where the viewing audience will consistently be a sizable distance away from the digital display. LED displays are typically brighter, and easier to see from a distance.


Outdoor Digital Signage:

Outdoor LED displays are bright and allow you to select the appropriate pixel pitch for your deployment. These are two very important factors as bright ambient light (sunlight) and the potential for glare and reflections from a standard display panel would limit your audience’s ability to view the content as intended. Outdoor LED displays are also designed to withstands the elements and are purpose built to survive in the heat, cold, wind and rain.

Large-Scale Digital Signage Displays:

LED displays are modular, which gives you the flexibility to select the size, shape and orientation of your choice. LED displays are efficient in that they require less power to operate than a more traditional standard display panel of the same size. Finally, large-scale LED displays will be more cost effective than buying a traditional display panel of the same size.

Large and Open Spaces:

LED displays are ideal in deployments where the audience stands at least 5-10 meters from the screen. Thus, if your large and/or open space requires the audience to be standing a substantial distance away from the display, an LED display will be easier for the audience to see clearly in any lighting conditions.

24x7x365 Operation:

LED displays are designed to have a longer lifespan than a traditional display, and they are also far more resistant to ‘burn in’ over time.

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