Combine multiple displays to create a single virtual space that shows perfectly synchronized content. Multi-display installations (video walls) make a bigger impression with your audience because the message occupies a much larger space. This technique is used for digital menu boards in quick service restaurants (QSR), to show flight schedules in airports or live data in the banking and financial industry.

Navori QL Designer lets anyone create templates that span multiple displays with total media synchronization and live data feed support. Switch effortlessly between one piece of content playing across multiple displays and different content playing on each individual screen.

Navori provides two technical solutions for multi-display applications:

  1. Single Player – high-performance / multi-display: QL Player standard can manage up to four displays connected to a single media player running on Android or Windows. Our Insane Performance Rendering add-on (IPR) lets a single media player power up to 16 displays at full HD resolution.
  2. Multi-Player Synchronization: Any type of player hardware running on Windows, Android, Samsung Tizen SSSP and WebOS can be synchronized.

Multi-display installations are ideal for digital menu boards in QSR, flagship retail, museums and convention centers.

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We provide all-in-one tech solutions for the complex needs of the digital signage industry.

Personalize and add-value to your signage system with QL Server SDK and QL Player API.

Navori provides dedicated training and consultancy services. On our large-scale deployment experience helps you deliver projects on time and on budget.

Navori offers local, national and international support.  Our staff speaks your language and operates in your time zone.