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System on Chip simplifies the hardware architecture and improves reliability by a factor of three. Navori QL Player is a professional and proprietary digital signage software that renders content with the same features and performance across any hardware platform. Our software is certified on Windows PCs, Samsung SSSP, LG WebOS, Philips and Elo hardware ensuring your warranty is respected when you use Navori QL.

Feature Samsung SSSP LG Web-OS Philips Android Elo Android
Navori QL Player is certified by the display manufacturer
QL Player delivers an outstanding rendering engine with equivalent performance and features of a powerful Windows PC
Includes a set of 800+ features
Exclusive: Content triggering from QL Manager Mobile or Server API
Multi-player and multi-platform content Synchronization
End-to-end out of the box display monitoring, control and configuration
Remote software and firmware upgrade
Available in on-premise or SaaS
QL software is 100% proprietary with easy maintenance and new feature development

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