Legacy digital signage has traditionally relied on playlists and schedules, which are static and require lots of time to create and manage. We figured there was a better way, so we added an additional layer of programming based on rules, the player’s attributes and content validity so your entire player network can show the right content at the right time, and adapt its programming based on current business situations:

  1. Advanced content validity based on date ranges, time and day of the week.
  2. Tags can be assigned to content and players so content only appears on screen if there is a match.
  3. Rule based playback where a specific piece of content is shown when the conditions are valid based on external data. For example, a player can show specific ads when the required product is in stock within a given store, or content can be shown based on the current weather and the program is dynamically customized from one location to another.
  4. Rule based triggering works the same way as rule-based playback except the triggered content overrides the current program and replaces it with dynamic playlists that contain predefined content.
  5. Support for variables embedded in data feed URLs lets you localize your content dynamically. For example, you can display traffic conditions for the location where the media player is operating.

Smart programming is mainly used in retail, corporate communications, finance, quick service restaurants, transportation, government and education.

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