Smart Content Automation Software

Automate your content and deliver dynamic, relevant and adaptive information to any screen using QL’s smart content rules.

The content automation challenge

Most digital signage software today requires human intervention and attention. This includes everything from content creation and curation to posting on social media feeds and various displays. Typically, someone needs to gather each piece of content, organize it, and then make sure it is scheduled properly for playback on your devices. This may not matter much if you are only managing a couple of screens, but your workload will increase dramatically as your digital signage network grows.

With data-driven content management, your audience always sees what media is most relevant in a given situation. You can also trigger content instantly, which is extremely useful.

Smart Content Automation Software
  • Here are some examples…

QL-managed content and content automation software helps your organization adapt to real-time events or other external variables without any complex programming.

  • Ads automatically appear on-screen under specific weather conditions (e.g. promote umbrella sales when it is raining outside, or promote cold beverages when the outside temperature is very warm).
  • Thanks to our content automation platform, elements like product information is removed without any user action as soon as an item is out of stock.

Smart content automation lets you react faster and more efficiently than any manual process. QL can use any available data source (including key performance indicators, product inventory figures, current weather measurements, sales figures, or Business Intelligence data) to determine when and where content should be shown.

You no longer need to intervene manually when business situations change thanks to content automation, meaning QL handles everything for you, instantly. Create and set up some simple rules, then let the data decide!

  • Computer Vision and AI

Navori Labs’ Computer Vision software brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to any display network. Computer Vision works with any webcam to detect and react in real-time to the audience. This form of marketing automation means that different content can be shown based on the viewer’s biometric features.

The software can also be used to modify a playlist’s content dynamically, trigger content instantly, or perform in-depth analytics of the audience to measure dwell times and detect a viewer’s attention. Computer Vision ensures targeted advertising reaches its intended audience every time. Your marketing strategy will get a huge boost, as tailored targeted content exponentially increases viewer engagement and ad revenues.

Scheduled player updates and our auto-update features ensures automated content publishing on each player with minimal user intervention. Users may publish instantly or defer publication to a later date and time. When enabled, the auto-update feature lets QL Server perform an automatic connection to each Player daily, so any unpublished content gets processed automatically.

The Navori QL platform is highly interoperable, and one of the best marketing automation tools on the market. Using our APIs, QL can integrate with any third-party software or hardware including motion sensors, temperature sensors, iBeacons, RFID tags, license plate readers, and many other devices. Every QL feature can be automated so the software relies less on manual operators, making sharing content across your network more profitable than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automation can improve every aspect of your digital signage programming and digital marketing apparatus.
  • Deliver content faster and with less manual work
  • Content is more relevant because it is contextual and personalized
  • There is less repetition, so viewers are more engaged
QL’s rule-based automation can trigger content instantly or add content to any program based on a simple set of rules managed by the user. QL’s Computer Vision software uses AI to perform face recognition and trigger content based on demographic patterns. This is the next generation of content automation marketing.

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