Storefront window displays

Attract attention and invite passer to your store.

Retailers are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to attract customers whether they’re on a busy street, in a pop-up retail location or part of a mall-based retail chain.  Today’s shoppers are looking for a more interesting shopping experience  This is one reason why digital signage has become so popular in retail.  Retailers can re-use high definition video ads and show attention grabbing animations from their websites in storefront window displays to attract more shoppers.

  • Display technologies have improved dramatically and QL supports them all.  Publish your content to high-luminosity digital displays, rear projection films, video walls and more.
  • Use QL to enhance the ambiance, promote special offers and connect with your shoppers.
  • Support loyalty programs, promote giveaways and contests to drive up excitement.
  • Reinforce your branding.  You are in total control of the communication you send out to your customers.


QL Player controls your window displays, featuring automated turn on or off based on week day and time.

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Proven benefits


Communicate powerful messages to retain passer-byes attention.


Invite potential new customers to enter your shop and discover your products or services.


Thru creative messages provide immersive insights of your business.


Decide when and what to show. Automatically turn on/off your displays.