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Attract attention and invite passer to your store.

Retailers are always on the lookout for innovative and smart ways to attract customers. Storefront Digital Displays are playing a big role whether on a busy street, in a pop-up retail location or part of a mall-based retail chain. A new generation of high brightness all-in-one displays has been released for which QL is manufacturer certified.

Main applications used by retailers:

  • Day-parting
  • Smart – AI Programming such as showing content based on store availabilities and attributes
  • Mobile Content Editing and Triggering. The digital display is used as an interactive digital support controlled from a smartphone
  • Digital Signage used to render both visual and audio content simultaneously from a single media player
  • Displays control from retailer mobile for screen on/off and audio level

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We provide all-in-one tech solutions for the complex needs of the digital signage industry.

Personalize and add-value to your signage system with QL Server SDK and QL Player API.

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