Tablet and Mobile


QL engine runs on Google Android tablets and mobile either in passive mode or with interactivity.

Tablets provide convenient all-in-one package, in a size good for a small area. It’s easy to change the message quickly, and if you have multiple tablets all with Internet access, you can remotely push digital signage content to them. Mobility is the driver of all this, and by thinking outside of the box the tablet can become a great asset in the design of a digital signage system.

Tablets are used in retail, banking and finance, hospitality, healthcare and education.

Benefits in incorporating tablets and mobile in your digital signage network.

A digital signage network powered by QL player can run both digital displays and tablets sharing a unique content created in QL Template Designer. Content playback is responsive, resized and adjusted depending on the playback support.

Mobile devices can be significantly less expensive to buy and install than the same-size commercial display. In one mobile device you combine a touch screen display, operating system, player, and Wi-Fi.

Convenience. A tablet is much easier to carry around than a small display. Even a large tablet with built-in Android hardware and software will be an easier “done in one” to tote than a display plus player (even a player in a Open-Plugged slot). Similarly, a small tablet can fit in plane/train/taxi seat backs, on shelves and other small spaces.

A range of sizes varying from 7 inches to 28 inches.

Tablets are familiar devices, almost everyone is comfortable with a tablet configuration and it also provides a sense of privacy that a large touch screen does not.

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QL Player runs on display, tablets, mobile, LED outdoor and video walls.

QL Play for Windows, Android, Tablets
Proven benefits


Mobile, compact and providing a full integrated solution. The right solution for combined spaces.


As per normal displays benefit from all the same communication advantages.


Touch screens provide extra solutions, experience fingertips interaction with offered content.


Provide varied and mixed entertainment solutions to keep users engaged.