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Restaurants, entertainment venues and trade shows make extensive use of video wall software and multi-display configurations including digital menu boards. These usually involve a powerful PC with a multi-head video card to drive the entire show.  From a software perspective, video wall and multi-display applications can be difficult to design and manage. However, QL delivers a series of features that simplify any multi-screen application.

  • The QL Template Designer lets content creators lay out content zones for each display.  Templates can also be combined with content that spans across multiple displays for additional impact.
  • QL delivers multi-display content with full HD resolutions on every screen.
  • QL Player is a native software. Running on Windows it supports up to 12 displays powered by a PC player with a multi-head graphic card.
  • QL supports any multi-display configuration that your video wall software can manage.  Deliver content to displays laid out end-to-end (banner) in landscape or portrait orientations.  Non-standard layouts are also supported (mixed landscape/portrait).

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Proven benefits

Multi-screen content that's better than broadcast

The QL STiX 3500 delivers 4K video content with support for up to 4 screens, a first in the industry. QL STiX 3500 outperforms all other Android media players with it's industrial-grade specifications and metal case. It's stick form factor makes it easy to install and hide behind any display.

Trigger content on any screen configuration

The QL Trigger SDK supports all screen configurations and resolutions. Trigger individual content or entire playlists from any external device, sensor or third party software.

A flexible solution for any video wall

QL can drive video wall content in multi-output or single-output (daisy chained) configurations. No other software is this flexible or efficient.

Precision at any resolution

QL Player is precise to 1/30th of a second. Content transitions are always smooth at any resolution, in any display configuration due to the hyper-efficient QL Player Engine.