Wayfinding open source digital software


Installing a wayfinding open source software in your lobby is an excellent way to greet visitors.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression.

Wayfinding displays are used in corporations, schools, exhibition centers, stadiums, shopping malls, transit stations, office buildings and other public venues.  In fact, a well designed wayfinding system can help visitors navigate through any type of buildings or campus.


Navori QL is compatible with any wayfinding content, whether it’s from a stand-alone software or interactive content created in HTML, HTML5 or Flash. Interactive wayfinding maps can be triggered via a touch screen or using any type of sensor, RFID or keypad.


Proper interactive wayfinding maps and directories will let you…

• Use any type of interactive content or application.

• Show your current location and guide you to your destination using 3D maps.

• Display traditional digital signage content when idle.

• Interface with external software and databases to update directories in real-time.


QL works seamlessly with any custom interactive open source software like wayfinding maps and directories.

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Wayfinding running on a Digital Signage Display

Interactive Digital Display

Digital Signage and wayfinding combined presentation

Showcase of a traditional digital display combined with a way finding system used in malls, hotels and corporate environment.