Navori QL 2.2 – Additional Innovation

# Item QL Application Improvement 1 Data feed driven playback QL Player – all OS Conditional playback based on data feed value. Multiple conditions can be combined to build complex rules. 2 Automated triggering from data feed QL Player – all OS Automated content triggering based on data feed values.

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Navori QL 2.2 delivers 7 major innovations

The first quarter of 2019 brings many new innovations to Navori. Our team has focused their research and development efforts on seven major trends: Professional SoC Player software: The digital signage industry needs a professional SoC player software developed specifically for the top three screen manufacturers: Samsung, LG and Philips.

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Navori Releases QL Player software for LG webOS

Navori releases its proprietary QL Player software for 4K/UHD- and HDR-capable Digital Signage Displays from LG LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, September 25, 2019 Navori announces the release of a new QL Player software specially designed and globally certified for LG WebOS version 3 and 4. LG’s digital signage division delivers professional displays that

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