Advertising – DOOH – Campaign Management

QL Content Manager includes an add-on specifically designed for advertisers and DooH use. Our ad campaign management system lets users program their content based on forecasted ad impressions. Traditional ad campaigns include a mix of user selectable filler content and ads are inserted at regular intervals to maximise audience exposure. QL automates

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Multi-tenant, Multi-user with role

Create domains which are closed workspaces users will work from. These can be based on physical locations (offices, departments) or your own customer’s workspace.  Define user role profiles. This can be the department this person belongs to, or a hierarchical level. Define a view for your users. It represents what each user

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QL 2.1 Professional is built for business!

QL 2.1 Professional is built for business! QL Content Manager features a web-based UI you access via your desktop or mobile device. It lets you create, organize, manage and publish content across any number of digital displays. Content Manager delivers more than 800 features in an accessible HTML5 interface. QL

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