Digital Menu Boards Are No Longer Optional For QSR

Digital Menu Boards Are No Longer Optional For QSR

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Advances in QSR technology have made possible digital drive-through signage that can deliver personalized menu suggestions based on various events in real-time. Think of a fine-pixel exterior LED board that shows you specific menu items based on the composition of your current order, or a pop-up promotion for ice cream sundaes whenever it’s a hot, sunny day.

Because of the Covid pandemic, restaurant drive-throughs are becoming essential to the survival of QSR restaurants. The trend had already begun when restaurants were asked to shut down their dining rooms and switch to curb pick-up and drive-through ordering. With a year of physical restrictions behind us and a long recovery ahead, QSR chains have realized the drive-through experience will be key to their survival for many years to come.

The future is here, is your software ready?

Powering all this hardware requires sophisticated software that can interface with external databases, drive multiple screens and large LED boards reliably, and provide conditional content delivery that responds to external events. Navori QL is the best digital signage software for QSR restaurants. With its available “insane playback rendering”, QL can deliver and play 8K content across one or more screens with fluid transitions and flawless playback. QL’s dynamic data feed support means a single menu board layout can be delivered to thousands of restaurants with each location displaying individualized menu items and pricing. QL also supports smart AI programming with conditional playback rules that can launch content based on real-time events (weather, pricing, stock levels, etc.).

QL is ready to deliver the future of QSR.