How QL trigger api can enforce media play-out

How QL trigger api can enforce media play-out

QL Trigger API enables full system interactivity and alerts!

The NAVORI QL Trigger Software API enables any integrator or end user to build a system that even goes beyond through the capability to launch specific content based on a foreign/third party input. Such input can be a device (key/remote control/sensor or camera based…) or data (stock values – storage room temperature threshold data, alarm systems data/interface…)

How does this practically work?

On top of the current media and playlist scheduling matrix certain Digital Signage Users require obtaining control of one specific or a number of players at any given moment in time and they want to be able to overrule (a) specific running playlist(s) at (b) specific location(s) with additional media file(s). Such scenario relates to a conditional play-out that is specific to a pre-defined ‘event’ or ‘situation’.

This can be user based by a hardware device such as a remote control or any type of keyboard input to sustain an on-demand scenario, as well as by interfacing to sensorial devices such as Kinect, Face Recognition, Audience Metering or Motion Detection to name just a few of the possibilities.

NAVORI QL can trigger information based on current location by GPS triggering for Bus, Train and Taxi Automotive Signage (see separate white paper) or in function of stock values, dashboard system data, etc.

The NAVORI Trigger SDK contains C#, VB or VC++ scripting that allows to easily developing an application to enable to take over the control and override any (or all) running playlist(s) at any moment in time. It is the ultimate remote control’s building kit.

NAVORI QL Trigger can launch and loop:

  • A Media file ( programmed in the playlist or not)
  • A Play List
  • A Video Stream with on the fly url
  • A URL whatever its content
  • Multi-user and multi-level management
  • Built-in designer and data-feed manager.
  • Advanced playback monitoring and reporting.
  • Reduce your operation costs by 50%.