Pluto Digital Networks: Engaging influential property managers using Dooh elevator advertising

Pluto Digital Networks was seeking a premium digital signage solution that was built to last with ultra-low OPEX. The customer required an enterprise-level system that property owners and advertisers could trust, and offer superior quality that would add value to these properties. Pluto Digital Networks needed to provide relevant, real-time and entertaining content to engage visitors throughout the day, including live local news, weather and stock market updates.

Pluto Digital Networks: Engaging influential property managers using Dooh elevator advertising
"For any start up to succeed, it is vital that all elements come together in unison to form one operational entity. We are grateful for the outstanding work and support the Navori Labs team have provided. Their professionalism and continuous persistence for excellence have helped us grow seamlessly and exponentially."

Yazan Sharbain

CEO - Pluto Digital Networks

What were the software requirements?

The digital signage solution brought by Navori Labs should meet the following Pluto Digital Networks goals:

  • 100% Interoperable and able to work on all leading Operating Systems from a single server
  • Rich and dynamic content playback with seamless transitions and professional synchronized rendering (videos, images, data feeds, templates…)
  • Advanced real-time player monitoring capabilities with live screen sots with time stamps
  • Deliver content playback reports based on the criteria of their choice
  • Reduce costs through one-time license fee
  • On-premise architecture with high availability to optimize 24/7 performance and security 24/7/365 with a one-time license fee

About Pluto Digital Networks

Pluto Digital Networks was established in 2018 in Amman, Jordan and is Jordan’s first digital network provider that creates an indoor OOH (out-of-home) advertising, communication, and information network by installing digital signage displays inside elevators belonging to commercial and medical buildings across the Kingdom.

Navori QL Software module used

  • ASR-01 – QL Server On-Premises:
    Client Access License (Player CAL)
  • BAP-01 – QL Player engine
  • BAP-02 – Template
  • BAP-03 – Ticker
  • BAP-05- Advanced monitoring
  • BAP-07- Analytics
  • BAP-10- Advertising