Istanbul International Airport: Deploys 726 LED and SoC advertising displays

Istanbul Airport’s Digital Advertising operator, Square Group Istanbul’s subsidiary - Mediaport, selected Navori Lab’s world-class, on-premise digital signage solution based on its multi-player synchronization and third-party software integration features based on the airport’s security and technical requirements.

Istanbul International Airport: Deploys 726 LED and SoC advertising displays
“ Navori provides us with the best solutions and tools for our business needs. We needed a flexible, scalable, agile and multi-platform solution that empowers us in our business processes. Security is very important for us since we are operating in airports and Navori delivers. Navori’s partnership is very strategic in growing and developing our businesses mutually ”

Mr. Mehmet Emre

Director of Digital Operations, Mediaport

What were the software requirements?

Digital out of Home Advertising using multiple hardware platforms with a reliability of 99.99%

  • CROSS PLATFORM CONTENT SYNCHRONZATION Content shown on single screen and LED must be synchronizable. This is a feature provides by Navori QL Player.
  • ON PREMISES DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEM On-premises high-availability architecture that ensures optimal performance and security 24/7/365.
  • ADVERTISING PROOF OF PLAY REPORTING Media planning, automated the ad insertion process based on user input, target number of impressions/number of ads to play in sequence.
  • RICH AND DYNAMIC CONTENT RENDERING Rich and dynamic content playback with seamless transitions and professional rendering (videos, images, data feeds, templates…)
  • AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT Counts footfall, unique people with age and gender attributes.
  • CONTEXT AWARE CONTENT RENDERING Content is instantly and continuously adjusted from the audience attributes having the screen within their field of vision.

About the advertising operator

Some information about the company who implemented and operate the digital signage system.

About Mediaport

Mediaport holds a position favored by world-renowned brands with the exclusive network of LED screens, LCD screens, static panels, billboards, light boxes, giant board and stand space ad units in Istanbul Airport. As Mediaport Out of Home Advertising, we are the most customer centric company in out of home advertising industry in Turkey. One of our priorities is finding a solution that it must work on-premise as well on cloud and should operate in different platforms seamlessly.

Navori QL modules used for this project

  • AAP-40 QL Core: Server On-Premise – Desktop and Mobile Content Manager, Multi-user with customizable roles – SSO, Template and Ticker Designer, Data Feed Manager XML, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 and Google Calendar and basic Monitoring
  • BAP-10 Advertising module – Digital-Out-of-Home / DooH – Campaign Management Module
  • BAP-14 Multi media-player content synchronization module