Tallinna Kaubamaja Department Stores: Improves visitor’s experiences deploying 700 screens

The Tallinna Kaubamaja Group worked with Hansab to create a better customer experience using a professional digital signage software. This new approach helped Tallinna

Tallinna Kaubamaja Department Stores: Improves visitor’s experiences deploying 700 screens
“The Navori QL software provides an enterprise-level solution to schedule, manage, target and monitor content across the various screens and locations. The Navori CMS makes the entire solution unique because it enables management and monitoring of every screen from one place: The entire solution makes the implementation of strategic and comprehensive marketing campaigns much easier than before.”

Andres Pillart

Field Manager, Payment Solutions and Multimedia – Hansab


Kaubamaya was looking for a digital signage software to manage their targeted promotions and branding content, and power interactive screens in selected zones across their retail store network

  • INTERACTIVE Allows users to interact with touch screens or sensors while displaying a predetermined program when no user interacts with digital signage.
  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMING Creation of programs both common to one or all stores and specific content for each department.
  • ADVERTISING Creation of advertising campaigns with distribution of advertisements via tags. Production of playback reporting for advertisers.
  • USER FRIENDLY USER INTERFACE A simple and intuitive user interface, usable by the staff of the marketing and decoration department, located at the head office and in the stores.
  • HIGH-DEFINITION CONTENT RENDERING Digital signage player software before the ability to play 4K content for a rewarding rendering for customers.
  • MULTI TENANT Content management is carried out by department, store and at head office level, all in collaborative mode.



Operators that form Tallinna Kaubamaja Group mostly pursue their business in the sphere of retail and wholesale trade.
The Group companies contribute more than one tenth of retail trade in Estonia in general and employ more than 3,500 people. The Group owns well-known brands like Kaubamaja,
Selver, Selveri K, Tartu Kaubamaja Centre, Viking Motors,
KIA, ABC King, SHU, I.L.U., Viking Security.


Hansab creates complete solutions. They consist of consultation, software development and integration, hardware sales, project management, and after-sales services.
Thanks to the comprehensive product portfolio, which includes automation, security, cash handling, and finance systems, Hansab offers the best-integrated solutions and products to make our customers’ businesses more effective and secure, their employees’ everyday life more comfortable, and lift our customer experience to a new level.


  • AAP-40 QL Core: Server On-Premise – Desktop and Mobile Content Manager, Multi-user with customizable roles – SSO, Template and Ticker Designer, Data Feed Manager XML, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 and Google Calendar and basic Monitoring
  • AAP-41 Expert module including advanced monitoring and aggregated playback reporting
  • BAP-10 Advertising module – Digital-Out-of-Home / DooH – Campaign Management Module
  • BAP-21 Insane performance rendering (IPR) module – 8K player engine (Windows 64 bits required)
  • HW-03 Stix 3500 series – 4k external media player. Android. Three years warranty