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Multi-player, multi-OS synchronization

11 November 2019

If current digital signage trends are an indication, we are about to see a lot more screens in businesses and public spaces. This bodes well for marketers and brand owners who will benefit from the additional advertising space. However, having… Read More »

What can digital signage do?

2 November 2017

It might be easier to ask, “what can’t digital signage do”, because there isn’t much you can’t achieve with digital signage. In this article we’ll investigate what digital signage can do for you today, and what you can expect in… Read More »

Digital Signage in a corporate environment: How it works and what are the best practices.

16 May 2016

Integrating and deploying a Digital Signage solution entails more than just installing displays and fire off content – it is all about integrating a tool with the intention of optimizing a communications process towards an audience. This audience can be… Read More »

How can digital signage be used?

20 December 2017

For starters… What’s digital signage? Digital signage used to be referred to as narrowcasting. It’s when you send content to targeted displays, unlike traditional TV which is called broadcasting. So instead of sending the same content to an unlimited number… Read More »

How to use digital signage

16 October 2017

With digital signage projects there’s a thin line between failure and success. Why is that? To better answer this question, we must go back to digital signage’s origins. In the beginning, there was the internet… You could say digital signage… Read More »

Create intelligent self-managed content

29 October 2019

Imagine content that adjusts to local events and user-defined rules in real-time, accessible to everyone right from the Navori QL interface Applications: Retail: Promote new products, remove ads for out-of-stock items, display content according to local weather conditions Restaurants, QSR:… Read More »