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Using data feeds and real-time information in digital signage

20 April 2016

CONTENT IS KING! BRING IT ALIVE WITH NAVORI QL Traditional print-based posters and ads have a fraction of a second to grab viewer’s attention and get your message out.  It’s the same regardless of the message whether it’s promotional or branding related. This is where digital… Read More »

Navori Releases QL 2.2 Player for LG webOS

30 September 2019
Navori releases its proprietary QL Player software for 4K/UHD- and HDR-capable Digital Signage Displays from LG LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, September 25, 2019 Navori announces the release of a new QL Player software specially designed and globally certified for LG WebOS version 3… Read More »

What is interactive digital signage?

24 November 2017
The obvious answer is, “the opposite of passive digital signage”. Of course, it’s much more than that so let’s look at what’s the difference between passive and active digital signage. Back when digital signage software first started, displays were based… Read More »

Multi-platform Font Synchronisation

19 February 2020
The modern world would not exist without fonts.  The fact is, fonts are essential to non-verbal communication whether it’s in print, online or on digital signage screens. This article isn’t about the history of typography but rather to remind readers… Read More »

Two reasons retailers should switch from print to digital signage

13 October 2020

Retailers and brand owners increasingly embrace digital signage to enhance the shopping experience and create a more pleasing environment for their customers.  In this article, we will look at the main reasons why digital signage has become such an important… Read More »

Where to use interactive digital signage

10 July 2017

Early days Originally, the term “digital signage” described a totally passive activity.  Static content was pushed to displays using basic content management software (CMS) and audiences were exposed to nothing more than a PowerPoint slide deck. Since then, content and… Read More »