Newly added System on Chip hardware

24 July 2018

Navori is constantly updating its supported hardware list and adding new System on Chip displays. We are proud to announce that Navori QL Player is now available for the following SoC displays brands and models: Sharp open architecture (OAP) Android SoC displays. BenQ Android SoC displays.   System on Chip […]

Navori to exhibit at the Whitlock VIBE Roadshow in April

5 April 2018

Navori is attending the Whitlock VIBE Roadshow on April 18, 2018.  The event will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Grand Ballroom – 403 North 3rd Street, Richmond, VA 232219. Attendance is free and this is an open house style event.  Be sure to sign up before April […]

Thanks for visiting Navori at Digital Signage Expo 2018

5 April 2018

The Navori team wishes to thank everyone who dropped by the Navori booth during DSE 2018 in Las Vegas. It was great to meet our partners and clients on what has become an annual tradition. Evryone had a fantastic time, and are looking forward to DSE 2019, March 27 & 28 in […]

Navori to Emphasize QL Player and System-on-a-Chip Innovations at Digital Signage Expo

14 March 2018

New proprietary Tizen player for Samsung smart displays, event-based playback, and content protection at forefront of QL Player developments LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, March 14, 2018 – One year after the official release of QL 2.0, Navori’s most comprehensive software refresh in seven years, the digital signage software pioneer will emphasize new […]

Navori wins 2018 Best of ISE award

8 March 2018

Navori QL recognized as best in class at ISE 2018 Navori is proud to announce it’s been awarded a “BEST of ISE”  2018 award from Rave Publications. Each year, Rave Publications sends reporters to every booth at the Integrated Systems Europe show to review the latest products.  They then compile […]

Navori delivers native player software for Samsung Tizen

1 March 2018

Meet the new QL native player software for Samsung Tizen Navori Labs is expanding its System-on-a-Chip (SoC) display support with a new native player software designed specifically for Samsung Tizen.  This new media player uses Navori’s proprietary technology to deliver the best experience on Tizen powered displays.  QL Player for […]

Navori announces Samsung SSSP certification for its QL Player Tizen software

1 February 2018

QL Player is officially certified for the Samsung Smart Signage platform running on Tizen.  The Navori QL Player for Tizen is the only proprietary player software that doesn’t rely on Samsung’s own SDK.  Contrary to other SoC solutions running on Tizen, Navori QL delivers the software’s full feature set on Samsung SoC […]

Navori Expands Software Integration with System-on-a-Chip Displays at ISE 2018

22 January 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact Information: Brian Galante Dimension PR 207-494-8428 Digital signage software pioneer to introduce native QL player software for Samsung displays at industry’s leading international AV conference LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, January 22, 2018 – Navori last year made waves in system-on-a-chip (SoC) development as the first digital […]

Navori QL Remote Controller is an Android app specifically designed for non-desk and offline employees

19 January 2018

Navori QL Remote Controller is an Android app specifically designed for non-desk and offline employees.  This software product lets remote staff interact with a company’s digital signage display network in real-time using any Android smartphone or tablet. QL RC lets staff perform a range of tasks while they are out […]

Visit us at Digital Signage Expo 2018

19 January 2018

Digital Signage Expo 2018: When: March 28-29. Where? booth 1929 Introducing Navori QL 2.07 QL PLAYER FOR SAMSUNG SSSP TIZEN VERSIONS 2.4 AND 3 QL PLAYER SAMSUNG SSSP VISIBLE ON SAMSUNG DISPLAY BOOTH# F004-5 Certified by Samsung. Fully proprietary, professional player software that includes similar features, and performance as other […]

Navori announces commercial support for Samsung SSSP 4-Tizen powered displays

18 August 2017

Navori announces the release of QL Player software for Samsung SSSP 4. This 100% proprietary player delivers professional-grade performance and 99% of QL Player features currently available on our Android and Windows versions. This new QL Player is intended for digital signage professionals who operate large, sophisticated networks.  It introduces a professional grade […]

Meet Navori Labs at the Whitlock VIBE Roadshow on May 11, 2017

10 April 2017

Navori Labs is proud to attend the Whitlock VIBE Roadshow in Dallas, Texas on May 11, 2017. This is another great opportunity to meet Navori Labs representatives and experience the company’s latest digital signage software release.  QL 2.0 features a completely revamped HTML5 user interface and support for System on Chip […]

Navori Labs to attend AVI-SPL Sales Acceleration Summit 2017 in Orlando, Fla.

10 April 2017

Join Navori Labs at the AVI-SPL Sales Acceleration Summit 2017 in Orlando, Florida on April 12. This event features a week of learning, celebrating, and building momentum for a great year. The trade show will be open Wednesday, April 12, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. Navori Labs representatives will be on-site to […]

Another great Digital Signage Expo for Navori Labs

4 April 2017

The entire Navori Labs team wishes to thank everyone who stopped by our booth during last week’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.  The show was a big success.  We enjoyed catching up with familiar faces and meeting new people.  This year, Navori Labs had a presence around the trade show […]

Navori Labs Prepares Launch of Next-Generation QL Digital Signage Engine

13 March 2017

Digital signage software pioneer to demonstrate extensive new content management and playout capabilities of QL. 2.0 at Digital Signage Expo, including HTML5-based user interface, YouTube-style content previewing LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND/MONTREAL, March 13, 2017 – At the Digital Signage Expo later this month, Navori Labs will unveil its next-generation QL digital signage […]

Join Navori Labs at Digital Signage Expo 2017 – Las Vegas

8 March 2017

Navori Labs will be exhibiting at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, March 29 and 30. Visit us at booth 1413, and learn more about our latest software release, QL 2.0 Navori representatives will be on hand to demo the software’s newest features: A totally revamped HTML5 user interface compatible with all […]

Join NanoLumens and Navori in Las Vegas on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8 March 2017

Visualize The Future: NanoLumens Visualization Center Reception Sponsored by Navori Labs WHEN? Tuesday, March 28, 2017 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (PDT)   WHERE? NanoLumens Visualization Center 5275 South Arville Street Suite 328 Las Vegas, NV 89118 You are cordially invited to help us celebrate the digital signage takeover […]

QL 2.0: New features

1 March 2017

QL- 2.0 is a brand-new software product developed over the past three years. This brand new software remplaces version 1.0 released in 2010. New features list: NEW QL CONTENT MANAGER FEATURES: Totally new native HTML5 user interface. Requires no plugin for any browser, on any OS. New Single Sign-On (SSO) […]

Meet Navori Labs at the Inland AV Collaboration 2017 show in Edmonton on February 9, 2017

7 February 2017

A Navori Labs representative will be on site to demonstrate the Navori QL digital signage software at the Inland AV Collaboration 2017 show on February 9, 2017. This event will take place at the Holiday Inn Conference Centre Edmonton South, 4485 Gateway Blvd., Edmonton, AB T6H 5C3 The show runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm We […]

Integrated System Europe 2017 – Amsterdam. Navori exhibits in Philips booth #10-K136 – HALL 10

7 February 2017

Come and meet Navori Labs at the Philips booth booth #10-K136 – HALL 10 during the Integrated System Europe 2017 show in Amsterdam. Navori will be on site to showcase it’s latest software release, Navori QL 2.0.  Visitors will be able to experience QL 2.0 running on the Philips System on Chip, D […]