Navori to Unveil QL 2.1 Digital Signage Engine at DSE 2019

11 March 2019

Latest generation of market-leading software integrates dynamic 8K processing, conditional triggering software and Common Alerting Protocol support among other features LAUSANNE, Switzerland, March 13, 2019 – Navori has announced Digital Signage Expo as the official launch of its QL 2.1 digital signage, incorporating a host of new features that capture […]

Navori to attend NEC Display Solution’s 25th Annual New York Partner Showcase

18 October 2018

The Navori team will attend NEC Display Solution’s 25th Annual Partner Showcase in New York. Join us on October 24, 2018 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at SIR Stage 37, 508 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018. Navori team members will be on-site to demo our QL Digital Signage […]

Newly added System on Chip hardware

24 July 2018

Navori is constantly updating its supported hardware list and adding new System on Chip displays. We are proud to announce that Navori QL Player is now available for the following SoC displays brands and models: Sharp open architecture (OAP) Android SoC displays. BenQ Android SoC displays.   System on Chip […]

Navori to Emphasize QL Player and System-on-a-Chip Innovations at Digital Signage Expo

14 March 2018

New proprietary Tizen player for Samsung smart displays, event-based playback, and content protection at forefront of QL Player developments LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, March 14, 2018 – One year after the official release of QL 2.0, Navori’s most comprehensive software refresh in seven years, the digital signage software pioneer will emphasize new […]

Navori delivers native player software for Samsung Tizen

1 March 2018

Meet the new QL native player software for Samsung Tizen Navori Labs is expanding its System-on-a-Chip (SoC) display support with a new native player software designed specifically for Samsung Tizen.  This new media player uses Navori’s proprietary technology to deliver the best experience on Tizen powered displays.  QL Player for […]

Navori announces Samsung SSSP certification for its QL Player Tizen software

1 February 2018

QL Player is officially certified for the Samsung Smart Signage platform running on Tizen.  The Navori QL Player for Tizen is the only proprietary player software that doesn’t rely on Samsung’s own SDK.  Contrary to other SoC solutions running on Tizen, Navori QL delivers the software’s full feature set on Samsung SoC […]

Navori QL Remote Controller is an Android app specifically designed for non-desk and offline employees

19 January 2018

Navori QL Remote Controller is an Android app specifically designed for non-desk and offline employees.  This software product lets remote staff interact with a company’s digital signage display network in real-time using any Android smartphone or tablet. QL RC lets staff perform a range of tasks while they are out […]

Navori announces commercial support for Samsung SSSP 4-Tizen powered displays

18 August 2017

Navori announces the release of QL Player software for Samsung SSSP 4. This 100% proprietary player delivers professional-grade performance and 99% of QL Player features currently available on our Android and Windows versions. This new QL Player is intended for digital signage professionals who operate large, sophisticated networks.  It introduces a professional grade […]

QL 2.0: New features

1 March 2017

QL- 2.0 is a brand-new software product developed over the past three years. This brand new software remplaces version 1.0 released in 2010. New features list: NEW QL CONTENT MANAGER FEATURES: Totally new native HTML5 user interface. Requires no plugin for any browser, on any OS. New Single Sign-On (SSO) […]

Using the Navori QL Digital Signage to amplify fan engagement in stadium and arena

24 November 2016

  MONTREAL, November 29, 2016 – Fan engagement for sports and live events continues to grow at the Bell Centre in Montreal, where a Navori QL Professional digital signage software powers dynamic video, animations, graphics and rich data to hundreds of displays around the venue. A flexible digital signage solution […]

QL Player software runs on Philips Digital Signage D-Line series displays with Android SoC

11 August 2016

Navori releases a QL Player version made especially for Philips D-Line series digital signage displays with embedded Android player. QL Player is the first and only software application that is native to this hardware platform. It offers the same level of performance as a Windows PC or a 2K external Android media player. A link to […]

The leading fashion chain Beymen is powered by Navori QL

14 July 2016

Country: Turkey Vertical: Retail Customer: Beymen Partner: Luna Bilişim DEPLOYMENT OVERVIEW Beymen is Turkey’s leading retail fashion chain established in 1971.  The company creates fashion collections for men, women, kids as well as a home collection. Beymen is renowned as a “Luxury Retail House” in Turkey. Beymen was the first Turkish retailer to introduce a Mega store […]

NEC Digital Signage OPS DRD Displays run QL Player

28 May 2016

QL Player is certified on NEC OPS DRD digital signage displays with embedded Android player / System on Chip (Soc) NEC OPS-DRD signage player comes with a true 1920*1080 pixels @50-60Hz, LAN and 802.11.b/g/n wireless. The display hardware is warrantied 36 months with global availability. The following NEC digital sign […]

Hardware configuration for Menu board, video wall and multi-display

22 May 2016

Many digital menu boards, video walls and multi-display installations are driven by a single PC running digital signage player software equipped with a multi-output PC / graphic card. Each video output is assigned to a screen and managed through a single QL Player license. In these types of installations, each […]

PC Player 12 outputs – IBASE SI 60E for Menu boards and video walls

29 April 2016

Multi-display Digital Signage Player PC for menu boards and video walls   SI-60E 4th Gen. Intel® Core™ desktop processor-based Video Wall Player with AMD Radeon™ E8860 graphics and 12 HDMI outputs. ●  Up to 12 HDMI display outputs able to support twelve individual displays in FHD (1920×1200@60Hz), 4K UFHD or 8K […]

QL Digital Signage Software Certified on Panasonic AF1 Displays SoC

29 April 2016

Navori has developed a QL Player version for Panasonic digital signage AF-1 professional series displays with embedded Android player. QL Player is the first and only software application that is native to this hardware platform.  It offers the same level of performance as a Windows PC or a 2K external Android media player. Every QL feature is […]

Nanolumens and Navori develop unified strategy to power LED displays across digital signage networks

19 April 2016

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, March 14, 2016 – To address the complicated purchasing and delivery process associated with digital signage network using indoor and Outdoor LED Display, NanoLumens and Navori have joined forces to better support each Network company’s growing customer base worldwide. This non-exclusive, industry-leading partnership establishes a unified strategy to deliver […]