What is digital signage player?

16 October 2017

Have you ever wondered how you could show dynamic menus in your restaurant, inform patients in a clinic waiting room, or motivate office staff? The answer might be digital signage. Basically, digital signage is a broad term that refers to the act of broadcasting information to a select number of […]

How to use digital signage

16 October 2017

With digital signage projects there’s a thin line between failure and success. Why is that? To better answer this question, we must go back to digital signage’s origins.     In the beginning, there was the internet… You could say digital signage truly came into its own when computers began […]


6 September 2017

People looking at launching a digital signage network have an abundance of options to choose from.  When looking at software solutions, two main choices come to mind.  There are proprietary, and open source solutions.  To pick the best candidate you must consider your business needs, risk tolerance and financial situation. […]

Two reasons retailers should switch from print to digital signage

10 August 2017

Retailers and brand owners increasingly embrace digital signage to enhance the shopping experience and create a more pleasing environment for their customers.  In this article, we will look at the main reasons why digital signage has become such an important part of the modern marketer’s arsenal.   1.    Changing customer […]

Where to use interactive digital signage

10 July 2017

Early days Originally, the term “digital signage” described a totally passive activity.  Static content was pushed to displays using basic content management software (CMS) and audiences were exposed to nothing more than a PowerPoint slide deck. Since then, content and CMS products have evolved.  Today’s digital signage serves a constant […]

Outdoor digital signage for businesses

25 June 2017

Outdoor signs are extremely important for businesses.  They are used to reinforce branding, promote products and services, or advertise sales and promotions on roadside billboards.  Businesses have traditionally used static exterior signage made up of printed materials and painted signs.  More recently, advances in print technologies have introduced a range […]

Point of purchase displays

5 June 2017

Retailers are always looking for a competitive advantage.   It’s the difference between a thriving retail operation, and one that flounders and dies.  This is especially true for traditional retail businesses who are heavily invested in brick and mortar stores. Today, retail store chains find themselves in crisis mode.  They face […]

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospitals

20 May 2017

Healthcare providers constantly deal with important, and often-life-threatening issues.  Hospitals and clinics must be accessible and well suited to any visitor or patient, regardless of their age or health.  Not surprisingly, these facilities cater to a constant flow of visitors who are often unfamiliar with their surroundings.  And to top […]

Another great Digital Signage Expo for Navori Labs

4 April 2017

The entire Navori Labs team wishes to thank everyone who stopped by our booth during last week’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.  The show was a big success.  We enjoyed catching up with familiar faces and meeting new people.  This year, Navori Labs had a presence around the trade show […]

Interactive Signage Software

29 March 2017

It seems every year brings something new and exciting.  We hear about 3D displays, holograms and interactive signage.  While some of these technologies catch on, many others just make a big splash and disappear.  A lot of innovation is driven by advances in display and computer technologies, but it doesn’t […]

Digital Signage Software for Libraries

29 March 2017

Public libraries have been undergoing a massive technology shift, and digital signage is playing a big role in this transformation.  What used to be an isolated and sedate environment has become more of a community hub where people interact, learn and communicate together.  The internet has helped libraries connect to […]

Digital Signage Software for Video Walls

29 March 2017

Your typical video wall used to require special expertise, expensive hardware and complex software. It was a very involved affair that would consume many hours of planning and research. While a few installations may still require proprietary or expensive solutions, many professional results can be achieved using commercially available digital […]

What is QL Player?

15 March 2017

QL Player is one component of the Navori QL digital signage solution. QL Player handles all content play-out duties and follows program instructions from its server. QL Player is available for several operating systems and devices such as Microsoft Windows, Google Android and a range of system on chip (SOC) […]

Digital Signage Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

15 March 2017

Visit any retail bank and you will see the same video walls and large flat panel displays that have been used in many fashion stores for decades. Fact is, the banking and financial sector is increasingly using digital signage solutions to enhance in-branch customer experience. Financial institutions understand the retail […]

Digital Signage Solutions for Small Businesses

1 March 2017

Entrepreneurs and small business owners recognize the benefits of digital signage.  It doesn’t matter the type of business or its location.  Digital signage has become an essential tool for all types of businesses. In this article, we’ll look at what to look for in a digital signage solution for your […]

Digital Signage for Retail

1 March 2017

The retail world has been rocked by e-commerce and the battle lines have been drawn.  It’s become a never-ending fight for customer’s hard earned cash.  Physical store owners need all the tools at their disposal to remain relevant and profitable faced with a competitor that plays by its own set […]

Digital signage software for hotels

10 February 2017

Hotels and hospitality suites benefit greatly from digital signage technologies.  The use of digital displays and touchscreens is on the rise globally and the hospitality sector represents a major part of that growth. Here’s why… Strategically positioned touch enabled displays let hotel visitors access information in lobbies and open areas. […]

Digital Signage Software as a Service

10 February 2017

Software as a Service (also known as SaaS) is a popular choice for display network operators, corporate users and small business owners.  SaaS leverages cloud hosted services to provide cost efficient and reliable software infrastructure to those who don’t have sufficient resources, financial or otherwise, to set up and manage […]

What’s the cost of digital signage software?

17 January 2017

Thinking about deploying digital signage but unsure about costs? Here is some useful advice.   Think of the software first Digital signage is made up of many components. One part hardware, one part software. But what most people don’t realize is their choice of software will impact many downstream costs, […]

Digital Signage Software for Smart TVs

17 January 2017

Displays equipped with System on Chip technology (also known as: Smart TVs) are becoming very popular with digital signage network operators. In fact, Smart TVs have been around for some time now but early models were hampered by low-end processors and a limited amount of memory. These displays could only […]