Digital Signage for Retail

1 March 2017

The retail world has been rocked by e-commerce and the battle lines have been drawn.  It’s become a never-ending fight for customer’s hard earned cash.  Physical store owners need all the tools at their disposal to remain relevant and profitable faced with a competitor that plays by its own set […]

Digital signage software for hotels

10 February 2017

Hotels and hospitality suites benefit greatly from digital signage technologies.  The use of digital displays and touchscreens is on the rise globally and the hospitality sector represents a major part of that growth. Here’s why… Strategically positioned touch enabled displays let hotel visitors access information in lobbies and open areas. […]

Digital Signage Software as a Service

10 February 2017

Software as a Service (also known as SaaS) is a popular choice for display network operators, corporate users and small business owners.  SaaS leverages cloud hosted services to provide cost efficient and reliable software infrastructure to those who don’t have sufficient resources, financial or otherwise, to set up and manage […]

What’s the cost of digital signage software?

17 January 2017

Thinking about deploying digital signage but unsure about costs? Here is some useful advice.   Think of the software first Digital signage is made up of many components. One part hardware, one part software. But what most people don’t realize is their choice of software will impact many downstream costs, […]

Digital Signage Software for Smart TVs

17 January 2017

Displays equipped with System on Chip technology (also known as: Smart TVs) are becoming very popular with digital signage network operators. In fact, Smart TVs have been around for some time now but early models were hampered by low-end processors and a limited amount of memory. These displays could only […]

Digital Displays for Schools

9 January 2017

Digital displays have become a common sight in many schools, colleges and universities. In fact, learning institutions around the world have been deploying digital displays at an increasingly rapid pace. In this article, we’ll explore some of the current digital signage trends in education, and look at where the industry […]

Digital Displays for Advertising

9 January 2017

The advertising industry has benefited greatly from digital technologies. Take digital displays, for example. Digital display and LED Billboard advertising (also known as digital-out-of-home, or dooh) are used by more advertisers and brand owners than ever before, and their popularity is on the rise. Let’s consider what’s behind this trend. […]

Digital Displays for Restaurants

23 December 2016

With sales of $783 billon US*, the restaurant industry represents one of the largest potential market for digital signage. There are many reasons why digital displays are becoming commonplace in restaurants. Here are a few: Digital displays are great for displaying information that needs to change periodically. In fact, they […]

How Digital Displays Work

23 December 2016

Digital displays are essentially flat panel screens that rely on different technologies to present multimedia content to an audience. The most common are LCD screens which use liquid crystal cells to display content and LED screens that are based on Light Emitting Diode technology. Digital displays on their own can’t […]

What is a digital signage solution?

9 December 2016

Digital signage solutions are built on multiple hardware and software technologies. The CMS Server Software The digital signage CMS server is a back-end component that performs a range of duties: Content storage. Content scheduling. Content rules and meta-tagging. Content proof of playback reporting. User access and credentials. Administrative access and […]

Why is digital signage effective?

9 December 2016

Digital signage has become an essential communication tool.  There have been many studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of digital signage technologies.  For example, a 2010 study discovered 70% of Americans have seen a digital display in the past month and 52% viewed a display within the past week.  Fast […]

How Digital Signage Systems Work

30 November 2016

In this article we will discuss the various components that make up a typical digital signage system, and look at how each component interacts with each other.  It’s important to note that we will be reviewing various methodologies and point out which ones are better than the others. So let’s […]

Top Digital Signage Software

30 November 2016

Digital signage has been around for about 15 years and since then we have seen an explosion of hardware and software products developed specifically for this market. In fact, digital signage has become so popular, the lines are sometimes blurred between products designed for consumer entertainment and products intended for […]

Compare Digital Signage Software

17 November 2016

What is digital signage? Digital signage uses a mix of hardware components (PC, Android device, System on Chip – SoC), some type of display (LED, LCD, projector, etc.) and CMS software to deliver live news, information and media content to an audience.   Why is digital signage so popular? Digital […]

Why Digital Signage is Important

7 November 2016

To answer this, we need to look at digital signage’s origins. We can associate digital signage’s early beginnings to what was commonly called, “Corporate TV”. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, cable and satellite TV technologies were the technologies large organizations used to broadcast corporate communication, employee training programs, management […]

Which is the Best Digital Signage Software

7 November 2016

The search for digital signage software One quick Google search on the topic “digital signage software” returns thousands of results. This is when you realize that digital signage is a mature, and very competitive market. When you start going down this rabbit hole, you will discover products that are nothing […]

Who Needs Digital Signage?

7 November 2016

It’s an interesting question. Digital signage is now commonplace, and it seems every day we see new flat panel displays, LED billboards and other forms of digital communication appear on the market. So, who can benefit from installing digital signage displays in their businesses? In a nutshell, pretty well anyone. […]

Where to place digital signage

1 November 2016

A question we hear often is, “where should I install my digital signage displays”. The answer will depend on several factors: What type of business are you in? What’s the purpose or goal of your digital signage project? Are you going to deploy many displays? What’s the size and layout […]

When to Use Digital Signage

1 November 2016

Do you spend large sums of money every year on printed signs and point-of-sale material? Are you tired of seeing all that investment end up in recycling bins? Perhaps it’s time to start converting your static printed signs to digital signage. With its support for images, animated content, video, and […]