Native versus non-native digital signage player software

13 July 2016

The multimedia industry features two types of digital signage player software. 1. Native software applications like the Navori QL Engine, VLC, video games and others. 2. Web media players developed in a browser centric programming language. Native software is developed using low level programming languages that directly access a device’s […]


13 July 2016

The transition from print to digital began around 15 years ago and the process is accelerating. Since 2000, the proliferation of LED displays connected to content management systems (CMS) has been driven by many factors: The introduction of low-cost/efficient Android and other non-Windows operating systems from the mobile communications industry. […]

Corporate communications: Motivate employees and improve morale using digital signage displays.

11 July 2016

Human resource departments are always on the lookout for new and better ways to improve employee relations. This is why more and more companies are turning to TV signage as the means to: Motivate staff. Improve morale through employee recognition. Renew employee engagement. Provide useful information. Train and inform. You […]

What is Digital Signage?

30 June 2016

Digital signage is the sum of many technologies that rely on flat panel displays, LED billboards and projection systems to present a wide range of content including images, videos, animations and live data. Digital signage can be used to display advertising and informational content to audiences in various types of […]

Introduction to digital signage software market, technology, components and business models

28 June 2016

SO MUCH SOFTWARE TO CHOOSE FROM “People looking for digital signage software have almost too many products to choose from with more software’s being added every day. Having all these options is pretty neat, but it’s also a bit of a problem. For example, product “A” may have the right price […]

Digital Signage in a corporate environment: How it works and what are the best practices.

16 May 2016

Integrating and deploying a Digital Signage solution entails more than just installing displays and fire off content – it is all about integrating a tool with the intention of optimizing a communications process towards an audience. This audience can be internal (employees, workers including non-desk employees) or external (visitors, customers, […]


16 May 2016

Navori QL is now officially referred to by – and compatible with – MICROS FIDELIO OPERA NAVORI QL is referenced by Micros Fidelio in their Hotel Room and Catering Management system, OPERA. Interfacing both system enables to parse room scheduling information from the Micros Fidelio Opera application into a centralized […]


16 May 2016

A  Digital Signage platform that keeps its tracks! Automotive communication opportunities remain largely underexploited. The Swiss company NAVORI, a global leader in Digital Signage software, takes the lead in this market segment with the release of their Navori QL GPS Trigger module. Any public transportation company (train, tramways, bus, taxi, […]


16 May 2016

QL Trigger API enables full system interactivity and alerts! The NAVORI QL Trigger Software API enables any integrator or end user to build a system that even goes beyond through the capability to launch specific content based on a foreign/third party input. Such input can be a device (key/remote control/sensor […]

Digital menu board’s usefulness in QSR applications

29 April 2016

There are typically two types of QSR digital signage applications:   In-restaurant menus:  Digital menu boards are ideal for displaying food items in a way that is appetizing and enhances the brand.  Menu screens show a constantly changing mix of products and infotainment that promotes high margin items and help reduce perceived dwell […]

Using data feeds and real-time information in digital signage

20 April 2016

CONTENT IS KING! BRING IT ALIVE WITH NAVORI QL Traditional print-based posters and ads have a fraction of a second to grab viewer’s attention and get your message out.  It’s the same regardless of the message whether it’s promotional or branding related. This is where digital signage can make a real difference.  Viewers get exposed to more information […]