Digital Signage Operator program

In our digital signage network industry there are various solution providers (SPs) selling to end users, namely: operators, integrators, AV and value-added resellers. Display vendors are also offering, through a dedicated sales force, entry level bundles which include homemade web players and screens.

DS Operators provide solutions using their strong knowledge and experience ranging from DS expertise, hardware and software customization as well as managed services. These operators are often using either homemade software or licenses purchased from vendors, who often offer native software usually produced over a decade ago. These are still more performant than web software used by resellers, however the higher total cost of ownership (TCO) of such software prevents large scale deployments, narrow verticals that can be addressed and deters financial efficiency.

Navori offers a white-label software solution designed specifically for operators. It has been shaped tackle upcoming industry challenges:

  • Simplicity without compromise in quality and “professional-grade”:

PCs are being replaced by SoC systems and external Android devices. Resulting in ease of deployment and enhanced operations. As opposed to web and current SoC software intended for resellers, Navori presents a professional-grade technology with superior performance and quality running on these new platforms.

  • Deliver higher value and cutting-edge solutions using the best technology:

Operators require tools powerful enough to show off their skills & knowledge and win deals that require any level of sophistication. QL Player software runs cutting edge performances on mobile, tablets, SoC up to the most sophisticated multi-display configuration with a precision of 1/30th of a second. Navori provides full-featured standardized software along with customization development tools so operator can target any verticals with good chances of success.

  • Be independent, increase your deployments flexibility:

Navori offers a professional-grade and proven technology that runs on all platforms including SoC displays: Android, Windows and Tizen scheduled for 2017 Q2. Thus reducing your dependency on third parties and increasing your efficiency.

Navori to partner with key operators in each major market by providing:

  • A white-label software
  • Master license contracts with competitive prices based on a flat fee and full option licensing for Cloud and on-premise deployments.
  • A professional digital signage networks software solution that you can add value to using our SDK-API set.


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