In-vehicle Digital Signage advertising and entertainment software

Generate ad revenue while entertaining and informing your passengers with in-vehicle digital signage from Navori.

The In-Vehicle Digital Signage Challenge

Taxi companies are looking at in-vehicle advertising to increase revenues and improve the passenger experience. SoC Android tablets are the ideal platform for this type of application. With the democratization of 4G, the customer is entertained with real-time content and advertising, most often geo-located according to the location of the vehicle.

The Navori Solution

Minimize travel time while promoting local events and businesses by running QL Player on small interactive tablets and mobile devices located in the back of the vehicle, or for digital taxi roof advertising.

Navori QL Player software renders infotainment content. A cab en route to the airport may show flight departures and live traffic. Other guest may have a look to the latest news or in the evening, some suggested local events. Advertisers show ads get from Navori QL a reporting on impressions and audience. The customer may tap on screen to access interactive content.

Tablets manufactured for transportation are connected to the vehicle battery so the screen can stay on whenever is engine is turned off and run a 4G connection.

Improve the passenger experience

Any public transit, taxi or limousine company can tap into an unlimited revenue potential with mobile digital signage advertising.

  • Inexpensive touch-sensitive tablets and portable displays can be installed in most vehicles without any special skills. From a backseat display to taxi top advertising, digital signage is incredibly versatile.
  • QL players are compatible with many consumer and commercial Android devices. You can download our software using a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, and installation is quick and easy.
  • QL does not require a constant internet connection. Content may be downloaded and stored on the device itself via Wi-Fi. However, mobile devices that support 4G and LTE are also supported.

Generate additional revenue

QL lets you schedule and distribute digital content to any supported device or display. Show advertising, promotions, informational content, news, sports scores, weather forecasts and more.

  • QL’s Advertising Campaign manager lets you automatically insert ads into your regular programming to optimize exposure. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your taxi, limo or public transit vehicle, simply select the number of ad impressions your customer purchased, and our algorithm inserts them into your regular programming to achieve your target. You can even select how many digital ads to play in sequence.
  • Generate preview reports for your customers so they can see when their ads and media will play.
  • Use QL’s validity feature to pre-load content in advance. Your content will play based on the validity settings you select (display media for a specific number of days, only show on specific days, only at specific times, etc.).
  • If you display in different orientations, use our tagging feature to ensure only the right content is shown on the right screen. For example, tag content as portrait and it will only play on devices that have been assigned the matching tag.
  • Using QL’s built-in analytics toolset, you can generate proof of playback reports you can export and email to customers.
  • The QL Template Designer lets you create smart layouts so you can show multiple content zones including live data feeds such as RSS / XML, social media , as well as from Facebook, Twitter.
  • Trigger interactive apps and HTML content on any display. Play digital signage content until someone touches the screen to launch interactive content, third-party application or an HTML / HTML5 app. Local apps don’t require internet access so the entire system is self-contained.

Provide a useful service to local businesses and engage your passengers with a great experience using QL Player.

Frequently Asked questions

What can digital signage do for my public transit, taxi or limousine service?

Digital signage can engage your taxi, limousine or public transit passengers so they will have a more enjoyable trip.

  • Entertain passengers to reduce perceived wait and travel times
  • Display useful information about the city, your current route, and local tourist attractions
  • Show local ads for businesses. Include QR-Codes with your content so passengers can interact with your company’s promotions at any time
  • Promote your brand and build new passenger loyalty
Why is Navori QL recommended for transportation-based signage?

The QL digital platform offers the right combination of ease of use, features and reliability for the most demanding applications, including digital signs for taxis.

  • The QL Player is available for many devices and operating systems, including mobile devices running on the Android OS
  • QL supports interactivity so you can build apps that customers will use
  • Users can manage devices remotely without the need for third-party software

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