Digital signage to advertise and entertain elevator passengers

Turn your building’s elevator screens into a profitable and convenient content delivery tool with our digital signage software.

The elevator screen challenge

Time spent in an elevator shouldn’t be wasted. Why not take advantage of a captive audience to deliver relevant information, news, advertising and entertainment?


Monetize your screens with ads promoting local business and keep tenants informed about important events. Easily install interactive tablets and digital screens powered by QL Player in or near elevator cabins.

Make the ride more interesting

There are two types of elevator displays. Those installed inside elevator cabins and displays located near elevators, also called “elevator hall signage.”

Elevator halls have similar requirements as your typical wall-mounted digital signage. You need to mount the display securely and conceal any wiring or devices. These days, most building displays will be recessed into the wall to blend into the décor and provide a more professional look. Electrical sources and network cabling are also easy to find, which makes the installation process very straightforward.

Elevator cabins, on the other hand, present a unique set of challenges. In most cases, space is at a premium, so it’s important to use a small media player device or a System-on-Chip display where the player hardware is built right into the screens.

While power is readily accessible, hard-wired networking is often not, which means you will probably rely on Wi-Fi for internet access. Often, Wi-Fi is only offered when elevators are in sleep mode and located on a specific floor.

Some elevator cabins feature an HD compatible display with an HDMI connection, thereby simplifying installation.

Here’s why the ql digital signage platform is your best choice for news management in elevators:

  • The QL Player software operates on a “download and play” model where content is downloaded and saved on the hard drive of each device. If your elevator has an intermittent internet connection, QL Player will continue playing stored content while it’s offline.
  • The QL Server can deliver updates as soon as the Player comes back online, so you can publish when you’re ready and be sure that the content will be received in its entirety.
  • You can also schedule player updates for any time in the future and can enable an auto-update feature where the QL Server will automatically connect at a scheduled period (e.g. overnight) to deliver your content and programming. Your elevators’ screen management is easy to maintain!
  • QL is compatible with many hardware devices and operating systems, including Windows, Android, and several System-on-Chip display brands. Navori also offers its own Android-powered QL Stix device, which is a professional-grade, 4K device designed for high-demand applications. The QL Stix comes in a very compact package that is easily concealable and well suited for elevator cabins.
  • QL Content Manager is the platform’s HTML5 user interface, and it features intuitive and user-friendly content creation tools. The built-in Template Designer tool lets anyone create attractive layouts with multiple media zones, text boxes, video streams, live data feeds, and more. The Ticker Designer lets users create graphic and data-driven overlays to display useful information across any media.

Our QL digital signage solution provides effective information and entertainment management for any type of building.

Frequently Asked questions

What can QL digital signage software do for my elevator displays?

Digital signage offers multiple benefits for elevator applications:

  • Treat elevator riders to information and entertainment to make the ride feel shorter and more enjoyable.
  • Display live feeds from any news, weather, sport, or social media data source.
  • Provide building tenants with promotional and advertising opportunities.
  • Display building directories, local information, and public service announcements.
  • Trigger instant alerts and notifications in case of an emergency. Help guide riders to the nearest safe exit.
What is the best digital media player hardware for elevators?

Elevator cabins can lead to difficult installations due to the lack of free space and accessibility, so it’s important to pick hardware that will be easy to install, small enough to hide, and last a long time.

  • System-on-Chip (SoC) displays are great for elevator cabin screens because they offer a fully integrated hardware/display solution. SoC displays can be very reliable and cost-effective compared to other types of devices.
  • The QL Stix is a small and powerful Android device that can render 4K broadcast quality content. QL Stix is extremely reliable and designed specifically for 24/7/365 use. It features a solid aluminum case with passive ventilation, an external Wi-Fi antenna, an internal RJ45 network jack, 3 USB ports, and an SD memory card slot for expandability.

Get started with Navori’s QL digital solution for your elevators’ media management!

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