Automated alerts and warnings shown on your Digital Signage screens

Instantly broadcast critical safety warnings and emergency alerts across your entire digital signage screens with QL Express or Professional Software

The emergency messaging challenge

Emergencies can happen at any time and when they do, you have to get your message out as quickly and reliably as possible. Communicating alerts, only when necessary and in an automated way has become standard in the digital signage industry. Emergency notification is the ability for an approved third-party system to take control of the screens to display a public utility or facility-restricted alert.

Display Emergency Alerts and Notifications

Our Solution

Be prepared for any situation with QL. Instantly display emergency alerts and notifications on screens located across the country, in your town, or in select locations within your premises. Automated emergency alert functionality is a subset of content automation.

QL offers at least three methods of triggering alert content:

  • The first is the connection with an CAP source like a building management system for offices or museums. As soon as the source triggers an alert, all data driven player switch the content shown on screen to alert media, either pre-created in the QL software or provided by the source itself.
  • The second method is using the QL Server API. The source of the alert is connected to QL Server for sending alerts directly to players, Less than a second between the event and the display on the screen, in a 100% automated way.
  • The third method is to create a small middle ware which interfaces with a physical trigger system and which, based on events, creates a data feed instructing Navori to publish the alert content immediately.

Emergency alerts and notifications – CAP compliance

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is a secure and standardized data format for exchanging public warnings and emergency notices between alerting technologies. Navori QL digital signage software is CAP-compliant.

How to trigger alerts ans notifications across Digital Signage?

When an emergency occurs, the content on your digital signage screens instantly switch from their regular programming to the triggered content, making it an effective notification system. Once the emergency is over, regular programming automatically resumes, and there is no user intervention required.

Setting up automated alerts is quick and easy. There is no programming or in-depth training required.

Rely on the ql alert system to keep people safe

The QL digital signage platform supports the CAP messaging standard. Using CAP, local authorities and public emergency organizations can automatically trigger emergency messages and urgent notifications (e.g. fire alarm, severe weather warnings, active shooter lockdown etc.) across any QL-managed display. The process is fully automated and uses QL’s rule-based conditional triggering features. Users simply define the triggering rules and select a data source to monitor. When the result is true, the corresponding content is triggered. The same method can be used to broadcast any other type of message in public and private spaces.

Be prepared for any situation

Navori has partnered with emergency alert notification providers from around the world. Our software has been tested and validated for any type of emergency notification, instantly making QL a proven digital signage solution for any organization.

Make sure your employees, students, customers, and communities remain safe with the QL digital signage software platform. Let QL be your public alert and warning system.

  • Automatically trigger real-time alerts and warnings on all displays, regardless of their geographic location
  • Target specific locations or even individual screens using QL’s tagging feature. Tagged content will only be shown on players that share the matching tag.

About the common alerting protocol (CAP)

CAP emergency messages can be broadcasted over existing and emerging public alert systems. CAP is an international technical data specification developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).

Frequently Asked questions

What can alert messaging do for my organization?

Alert messages are a critical part of any public safety and emergency alerting system. Broadcast messages to inform the public of any imminent threat and guide people to safety. Alert messages can also inform the large groups in a public area, as is the case for severe weather alerts and other important time-sensitive messages.

How does Navori QL support alert messaging standards?

QL’s Data Feed Manager can synchronize data from multiple sources, including RSS, XML, social media feeds, and others. Most alert messaging systems use XML as their native data format.

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