Show rich Digital Signage content across any video wall or multi-screen configuration

Impress and inform your visitors with a video wall powered by QL’s digital signage software

The Video Wall Challenge

Video walls offer a unique opportunity to enhance a brand or captivate an audience, but achieving good results is both difficult and expensive.

The Navori Solution

Display high-quality content across any number of screens without the need for costly video wall controllers or specialized hardware. There is no limit to what you can achieve with QL.

Video wall applications

The QL digital signage platform supports all types of video wall applications:

  • Architectural signage – Create stunning lobby experiences using multiple displays or large LED billboards and video walls. Deploy content across every screen and turn your wall space into a stunning visual experience.
  • Car dealership showrooms – Deliver immersive experiences that put your customers in the driver’s seat with content that excites and motivates car buyers.
  • Cruise ships and luxury hotels – Make your guests feel welcome and ready for a good time. Promote your restaurants, activities, and amenities in an impressive and visually stunning way.
  • High-end jewelry stores – Express the perfect sentiment that sets the mood and turn shoppers into buyers. Highlight special occasions and other memorable experiences.
  • Fashion stores – Enhance your brand and inspire customers with videos from the world’s most exclusive fashion shows.
  • Nightclubs and entertainment venues – Set the mood for every event with entertaining layouts and videos that get people off their seats.
  • Restaurants – Display large-scale menus that feature mouth-watering videos and animated content to motivate customers and increase sales.
  • Sports equipment stores – Create a destination for hard-core sports fans. Promote top rated brands with content that captivates and inspires shoppers.
  • Control rooms – Manage your security and keep an eye on multiple camera feeds, whether your video walls display feeds from corporate office environment, malls, government buildings, and others.

QL is the perfect video wall engine

Navori Labs has developed an efficient and reliable player software that delivers high quality results on affordable hardware. Use any multi-display compatible Windows PC or QL’s own Stix Android media player, and use our software to create eye-catching and informative video walls. It’s easy!

Drive standard LED displays or commercial LED boards for very large surfaces. Organize your displays in any orientation or layout to meet your project requirements.

Explore the QL Player add-on specifically designed for ultra-high-resolution screens and extreme video wall installations. QL Player IPR lets you display H265, 8K video at 60 frames per second to four, 4K screens or sixteen full HD screens from a single PC using an appropriate video card without any difficulty.

With this configuration, a single PC can display any supported content, including HTML5 content and images, fully synchronized across all available screens in a large video wall array.

Frequently Asked questions

Why use QL for video walls and multi-screen installations?

QL Player features a high-end digital rendering engine that delivers flawless performance across multiple screens. It delivers unrivaled performance on affordable hardware while our 64-bit IPR software pushes the envelope with 8K video support for your large-scale video wall installations

What screen configurations does QL support?

There are no restrictions on the screen layouts you can choose from. You can even combine various screen orientations for your video walls- assuming your PC video card supports that feature. You can connect a single PC/Android device to multiple screen installations.

QL Stix can push a 4K signal to daisy chained displays while PCs with multi-display video cards can send out individual signals to each screen.

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