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Start using the new, innovative QL 2.0 Digital Signage Software Today

Start using the new, innovative QL 2.0 Digital Signage Software Today

Start using the new, innovative QL 2.0 Digital Signage Software Today


How it works


QL Content Manager is our web-based content management software, designed for both desktop and mobile users. It includes more than 800 features and is intuitive in a way that makes content management a breeze for even the non-technical users in your company.
Easily create, manage and deploy digital content that will inspire, engage and
captivate your audience.

QL Server is the back-end server available on the Navori Cloud, or as an on-premise version you host yourself.

QL Player is our cross platform professional digital signage player software. It delivers multi-zone, multi-threaded and multi-layered content to any display. Our player software features content triggering and cross-platform, multi-player content synchronization. Use QL Player to display any content, on any screens at any time.


On Premise

QL On-Premise puts you in complete control of your Navori server environment. Based on secure and standard components (Windows Server OS, IIS, SQL), installing and maintaining the On-Premise server is a simple and intuitive process. QL On-Premise is typically favored by organizations with experienced IT professionals on staff that prefer to keep their entire digital signage environment inside of their internal corporate network. QL On-Premise is ideal for organizations that want to display data from internally hosted data sources and applications that would not be accessible from the outside internet. QL On-Premise also gives you the ability to easily integrate with third party applications and customize or automate workflows using our Server and Player API’s. An On-Premise environment guarantees that none of your organizations data ever leaves your internal corporate network.

Large Multinational Organizations, Banks and Financial Institutions, Government, Corporate Communications, Transportation, Military and Defense, Healthcare and Hospitals, Casinos, QSR Chains/Digital Menu Boards, Retail Chains, DSO’s, Point of Purchase Displays, Social Media and KPI Dashboards, Supermarket Chains, Hotels and Conference Centers, Colleges and Universities, DOOH etc.

Cloud Pro

QL Cloud Professional gives you all the features and functionalities you would expect from a leading digital signage company, without the need to host any server infrastructure yourself. QL Cloud Professional is hosted by Navori, leveraging the robust and secure cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is used and trusted by many of the largest and most successful companies on the planet, thus you can feel confident that the highest levels of reliability and security are always in place. QL Cloud Professional gives you professional cloud based digital signage in its finest and most secure form.

Medium to Large Sized Businesses, Corporate Digital Signage, Corporate Communications, Retail Chains, DOOH, Gym and Fitness, Social Media and KPI Dashboards, Exhibition and Convention Centers, Stadiums and Arenas, Colleges and Universities etc.


Cloud Express

QL Cloud Express is the most powerful entry level digital signage platform on the market today. The Express edition leverages the same back-end architecture and contains many of the same industry leading functionalities as the Professional edition. QL Cloud Express is typically favored by organizations that want enterprise grade digital signage in it’s most classic and easy to use form, where price and simplicity are utmost importance.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses, Retail Stores, Employee Facing Signage, Social Media and KPI Dashboards, Events and Tradeshows etc.


On Premise​

Cloud Pro

Cloud Express

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Powerful yet simple back-end, using common IT standards (Windows Server OS, IIS, SQL).
  • Secure, Scalable and Expandable
  • Multi-tenant
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Robust Server and Player API’s available for custom developments and integrations.
  • Compatible with ADFS/SSO
  • Compatible with load-balancers and CDN’s.
  • Advanced Monitoring, Analytics and Advertising Campaign Toolsets
  • No servers to install or manage.
  • Secure, Scalable and Reliable
  • Multi-tenant
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Advanced Monitoring, Analytics and Advertising Campaign Toolsets
  • No servers to install or manage.
  • Zero ramp-up
  • Ideal for non technical employees
  • Navori Designer included
  • Affordable digital signage solution


We can explain our Navori QL software solution in under two minutes—it’s that simple.

Watch this YouTube video to find out why you should be using this unique high-performance software to power all of your digital signs, regardless of use case.

Users of Windows, Android, and Samsung Tizen trust our Navori QL Player for its reliability and versatility and performance. QL Player is
compatible with any type of media player, display or digital sign.

Let’s learn more about digital signage players.