Publish real-time content to any screen, in any location with QL digital signage software

Navori Lab’s award-winning QL software turns your TVs and digital signage screens into your own live broadcast platform

Display dynamic content on any screen

Create and play rich content with professional performances and features.

QL Player Professional for Any Screen

Play any content

Publish your content (no conversion) templates and data feeds, with a broadcast TV look and feel.


Automate your content playback using tags, periods, time, weekdays and data feed-driven scenarios.


Create your content once, then publish it across any platform, no matter the operating system or screen type.

Cloud or on premises

Two models available: Cloud Digital signage system base on a monthly fee and on premises with perpetual licenses.

Engage Your Customers with Dynamic Content

Engage your customers with up-to-date content

Display live restaurant menus, business intelligence dashboards, weather forecasts, and social media feeds on any screen at any time.

Design custom templates and layouts

Display up-to-date information from RSS/XML, social media feeds, QL hosted data, Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange appointments.

Automate your content programming

Create dynamic rules that dictate when content can play. Show specific content based on weather, product stocking levels. Trigger alert messages instantly.

Update your data from anywhere

Use any smartphone or tablet to update your screen content from the sales floor or any remote location.

Simplify your deployments with all-in-one displays

System on Chip screens is user friendly, resulting in saving space, cost, and power consumption.

Digital Signage Display

Save up to 48% off traditional players & screens

Display rewarding content on commercial screens: Microsoft Windows SMB, Samsung SSSP Tizen, LG Web OS and Google Android.

Simplify you hardware solution

SoC is the integration of all components within the display, improving reliability by a factor of three.

Deploy in mixed platform environments

Your Digital Signage SoC displays can co-exist with other hardware including Stix 3700, Windows PCs and Android devices.

soc logos
Create Your DOOH Campaigns

Manage your advertising campaigns with ease

Enhance and automate your screen-based advertising

Forecast AD impressions

QL automates the ad insertion process based on user input (target number of impressions/number of ads to play in sequence).

Go programmatic

Using QL API, automate your advertising campaign from any ad booking system.

Audience analytics

Use Navori Aquaji to measure and classify your audience. Display targeted ads based on each viewer’s demographic profile.

Advertising module – QL Professional Cloud Included. On Premises Ref BAP-10.

Stand out, Wow effect guaranteed

Show larger-than-life 8K digital signage content

Navori Labs’ IPR software is a 64-bit QL Player digital signage software that can render Ultra High Definition content.

Use a Windows running QL Player IPR and drive up to four 8K, or 16 full HD screens. This is an ideal solution for high-end video walls, extra-large LED displays, and digital menu boards.

IPR module – 8K player engine. Cloud Express and Professional: CSA-07, On-premises license: Ref BAP-21.

Content Synchronization

Easily show perfectly synchronized content across every digital signage screen, digital menu boards and video wall.

How does it work?

Synchronize your content across any number of players

Whenever you have multiple screens within your field of vision, content synchronization is the best solution.

Synchronize any type of content including videos, html and sophisticated templates.

Check out our multi media-player content synchronization module, compatible with QL Cloud Express or Professional. Ref CSA-06, Perpetual license: Ref BAP-14.

Featuring Interactive Digital Signage


Touchscreen Applications

Let people touch, swipe, and interact with your digital signage screens.

Interactive and Secure

Let staff members trigger content or modify your screen programming using their smartphone running QL user friendly user interface

Lift & Learn

Implement “lift-and-learn” interactive merchandising solutions. When shoppers grabs a product, a nearby digital signage screen will show the product technical specifications.


Automation via Aquaji Computer Vision

Show content based on the audience demographics and viewer’s attention.

Use our powerful API to customize and control your digital signage from an external app

Interface QL with third-party software applications.

Easilly Automate

Automate content management

Add new content, templates or update data feeds in your library.

Monitoring from a third party application

Know which content each screen is showing and be aware of each player’s technical status via an external app. Automate your content playback reports.

Automate user management

Digital signage network operators use our API to manage QL user accounts from an ERP or CMR. Automatically create new tenants or user accounts outside of QL’s user interface.

Automated content triggering

Robotize content triggering across your digital signs from any third party system.

How to host your own digital signage system


QL Professional edition is available in an on-premise version

Benefits of using Navori QL on-premise

  • Retain users and asset privacy as you operate within your own LAN or WAN.
  • Use the QL API to customize the content manager’s UI, or interface QL with third-party apps.
  • Benefit from our security certifications.

Choose a scalable digital signage system

  • Host tens of thousands of endpoints and QL users.
  • Operate at a 99.99% reliability level using load-balancing, failover servers and content delivery networks.

How to pick the best digital signage system

What really matters when choosing a digital signage system?

Your media player software should be able to deliver smooth content playback and perfect transitions with any type of content, regardless of its type or complexity. QL is a highly sophisticated, native media player software that provides many leading-edge features such as content pre-loading and GPU acceleration for perfect content rendering. More on consumer vs. professional grade digital signage software

Digital signage deployments often use many types of media player hardware devices, such as Windows PCs, system-on-chip screens running Samsung SSSP, LG Web OS, or Android (Philips and Sony), BrightSign, Innes, or Navori Labs’ own StiX 3700 media player. It’s why you should consider solutions that support a wide range of hardware types for your digital signage projects.

Digital signage screens need a steady stream of fresh and captivating content. When your software features an intuitive user interface, people are more likely to use it. This is especially true for creative teams where users may lack certain technical skills. Navori Labs created a user interface that is simple to use and easy to learn. Users have access to a content library, playlists, and a programming grid they can use without requiring any training.

Your typical digital signage solution has a lifespan of 7 years and user requirements evolve over time. QL is offered in two versions, Cloud and on-premise, with 12 optional modules you can add to customize your solution as your needs change. It’s also important to consider software updates. Navori Labs delivers at least one major update annually, and each one includes a minimum of 15 new features. When you select QL for your project, you get a solution that evolves with your needs. 

Navori Labs offers its QL StiX 3700 Android-based media player with bundled with its QL Player software for those looking for a fully integrated, turn-key digital signage solution. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

People looking at launching a digital signage network have an abundance of options to choose from. When looking at software solutions, two main choices come to mind. There are proprietary, and open source solutions. To pick the best candidate you must consider your business needs, risk tolerance and financial situation. Find out more…