Digital Signage Software

Navori QL is a Swiss digital signage software available on premise or on the cloud. QL is used globally to empower digital displays, LED displays, multi-displays and video walls, digital menu boards, content triggering, KPI, social media board, interactive and way finding for corporate, retail, universities and colleges, malls, arenas, transportation and many other public venues.

QL player is a native software with TV broadcast look and feel and performances, running on both Google Android and Windows media players, sharing the same content and features within a single network. Only QL can play across video walls, menu boards, single displays, tablets with such level of performances and reliability.

QL Player is running on PC, Android media players, Soc NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Vestel, tablets and mobile phones.

QL Content manager is web-based, multi-tenant and multi-user. Its multi-languages interface was elaborated in such a way that anyone can use it. Users can easily integrate interactivity, datafeed with no programming. QL Manager features more than a thousand functionalities while retaining its legendary ease of use.

QL Server is hosted on premise, featuring IT and security requirements of the most demanding international users: Load balancing, failover, content delivery network and software development kit.

QL 2.0 Professional is built for business!

Content Manager enables users to concurrently create, organize, manage and publish content across digital displays. It comes with 1000+ features. Player is a cross platform native software, multi-zone, multi-thread and multi-layers. QL runs on Windows, Android and Tizen through either System on Chip SoC displays from Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, BenQ or […]