QL Player hardware requirements

Below is a summary of the hardware configurations required for the Navori QL Player software to function properly. For your digital signage project, you can also choose your material platform depending on the type of content you want to play on screens.

Platform Operating System More requirements
Stix 3700 Android 9 Click here
Windows Windows 10, 32 and 64 bits Click here
Samsung SSSP Tizen 2.4, 3 and 4 Click here
LG Web OS Web OS 4 Click here
Philips Android 5.1, 7 or 8 Click here
Brightsign XT BrightSign OS 8 Click here
Innes SMA300 Gekkota OS Click here
Innes DMB400 Gekkota OS Click here
Android Generic Android 5.1 Click here

QL Player Proxy Support

Anonymous Proxy authentication Active Directory authentication
Stix 3700


Samsung SSSP

Brightsign XT


Android Generic