QL Player Express | Automated Screen Control and Monitor

QL Player Express can monitor the status of your screens in real time, regardless of the hardware. Our software can also detect when displays are turned off or when they are disabled.

The software can also manage each screen’s daily on/off cycle based on values entered by authorized users. These features let screen network operators respect environmental laws where they are required to turn off screens overnight. Each screen’s life expectancy can be doubled as a result.

INPUTControl DescriptionWindowsSamsung SSSPLG Web-OSGoogle Androidbrightsign
Allows a user to turn on/off displays and set audio level for one or multiple players

Graphic card’s output video signal
Graphic card’s output video signal ON/OFF display standby

Display ON/OFF requires HDMI-CEC cable

Internal display control ON /OFF, live status and remote firmware upgrade

RS 232
Windows PCs equipped with serial ports can communicate with commercial displays via RS232 to control on/off cycles, detect technical issues and send back status data.