Synchronize content across multiple players with QL Express

When equipped with an optional add-on module, QL Player Express will synchronize content across multiple screens or media players regardless of the hardware platform used. This is an essential feature for situations where multiple screens are visible within the audience’s field of vision such as in conference halls or in restaurants.

ModuleRequirementWindowsSAMSUNG SSSP 4, 5, 6LG WEB-OS 4GOOGLE ANDROIDbrightsign
Media Player
Connected to QL Server
Media Player
Running equivalent performances, ideally identical hardware / OS
QL Player / Server
Content Synchronization add-on enabled

Why use the Content Synchronization Module (BAP-14):

  • Accurate to 1/30th of a second.
  • All hardware platforms supported including SoC screens.
  • Sufficiently powerful for video walls. Split your media across multiple screens.
  • Synchronize Content Across Multiple Players