QL 2.1 Professional is built for business!

QL Content Manager features a web-based UI you access via your desktop or mobile device. It lets you create, organize, manage and publish content across any number of digital displays. Content Manager delivers more than 800 features in an accessible HTML5 interface.

QL Player is a cross-platform, professional media player software that supports multi-zone, multi-threaded and multi-layer content. Supports up to 8K content on Windows, or 4K on Android, Tizen and WebOS. Many Android-based System on Chip displays, interactive tablets and external media players are also supported, including Navori’s own QL StiX 3500. QL offers a growing list of professional features such as content triggering, cross-platform content synchronization, rule-based playback and much more!supports up to 8K on Windows, 4K on Android, Tizen and WebOS through either System on Chip SoC displays, touch tablets and external media players such as StiX 3500. It is featuring content triggering and cross platform multi-player synchronization.

QL Server is the back-end server available as an on-premise solution.


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Video Art

Native, multi-platform support Frame accurate content synchronisation Mobile triggering Reliable 24x7

Web Design

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