QL 2.1 Professional is built for business!

  • Cloud
  • On premise

QL Content Manager features a web-based UI you access via your desktop and mobile devices. Content Manager lets you create, organize, manage and publish content across any number of digital displays. Content Manager delivers more than 800 features in an accessible HTML5 user interface.

QL Player is a cross-platform professional software that supports multi-zone, multi-threaded and multi-layered content. Navori’s QL digital signage software supports up to 8K content on Windows PCs, or 4K content on Android devices (tablets, media players), Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS and many other System on Chip (SoC) display brands, and Navori’s own QL StiX 3500 media player hardware. QL Player offers a growing list of professional features such as content triggering, cross-platform content synchronization, rule-based playback and more!
QL Server is the back-end server available as an on-premise solution you can host internally or through a third-party service (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and others)


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Personalize and add-value with QL Server SDK and QL Player API’s.


Navori offers one-on-one training and consulting services. You can rely on our expertise for consistent and timely results.


Navori has an international presence with regional offices who can offer support in your local language and time zone. We also have a global partner network which lets us support very large deployments in multiple countries.