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Scheduling – Tags – Data-driven programming


Schedule your content based on sophisticated rules and blend playlist content to achieve attention grabbing results.
Assign media or web pages to individual, grouped or tagged players. Assign content validity to any content. Content can be programmed for specific days, multiple periods or even specific time. Pre-load content weeks and months in advance of promotions and announcements.

A total of 10 overlapping playlists can now be merged in the planning grid.

Content will automatically play when specified!

Tagged media and templates will only be shown on players that have been assigned matching tags. Other players will ignore this content and play common programming instead. This feature is especially useful in large deployments as it can significantly reduce programming workload.

Users can now include or exclude tags to determine playback. Match between player and media can be partial or exact. New window allows assignment in batch mode. Playback reporting can be selected by tag.