Supported Content and Data feeds with QL Professional

Navori QL supports all popular content formats without any conversion, according to each hardware platform’s capabilities. This includes static, streaming, dynamic content and a wide range of data feeds. Refer to the table below for details.

Type Format Windows Samsung SSSP 4, 5, 6 LG Web-OS 4 Google Android Brightsign
Video Full HD – MP4 H264 @30FPS – @60FPS ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓
Video 4K – MP4 H265 @30FPS – @60FPS ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓
Image PNG with transparency, JPG, BMP
Audio MP3 max bit rate 256 kbps
Template – Ticker
Designer to build templates, multi-layer, multiple media zones, playlists, add data feeds (incl. social media) and data-grids
HTML5, interactivity and authentication supported. Plays URLs and download-and-play HTML5 content
Streaming Unicast: HTTP H264 video streams, HTTPS, mms2, RTSP. Multicast: UDP, with H264 codecs @1080P Http Exclusively Http Exclusively Http Exclusively Http Exclusively
Youtube Full screen – Auto Play
Data Feeds
Media RSS, XML, Navori QL hosted data feeds including images, Office 365 and Google calendar, Facebook and Twitter