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Supported Content & Datafeed

QL Content Manager lets users upload and manage an extensive range of content including:

Content Type Format supported natively (No conversion)
Video MP4-4 H264 and H265, QuickTime MOV H264 or Windows Media Video WMV
Image PNG with transparency, JPG, BMP
Audio MP3 bit rate 256 kbps maximum
Template – Ticker WYSIWYG designer to build sophisticated templates, multi-layer, multi-zones of media, playlists, add datafeed with social media and data-grid
HTML Html, Html5, interactivity supported. Plays URL and download and play HTML5 content
Streaming Unicast: HTTP H264 video streams, RTSP
Multicast: UDP, with H264 codecs @1080P
Flash SWF (Windows PC only)
XML Feed Text, images with transparency supported
RSS & Media RSS
QL Hosted Feed
Twitter and Facebook
Google Calendar feed Shows current and up coming meetings
Exchange calendar Contact us! Add-on available
TV-Tuner (Live TV) Happauge TV Tuner cards (Windows PC only)


Content properties:

  • Preview content through large size thumbnails and streaming.
  • Define media validity based date, time and week day periods.
  • Content with duration can be specified frame start and end.
  • Define to mute audio and hide ticker.
  • Assign to content positive and negative tags so content will be played based on player profile or location.
  • Edit content keywords so other users can search based on other criteria than media name, type of tag.