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User management

QL Content Manager delivers advanced user management capabilities that adapts to any type of organization.

  • Manage multi-tenant, multi-level user access with defined user rights profiles.  Share profiles with hundreds of users at a time.
  • Users are given access to specific groups or sub-groups via custom domains.  Users can only see and access their assigned levels.
  • Create an unlimited number of levels to match your needs.  Upper levels contain global content while lower levels host local content and players.
  • Manage and program content globally (shared with all levels) or locally via drag and drop.


Manage any scenario

Distribute content and playlists according to your business needs.   Global content can be shared throughout your network while local content will only play in specific locations.

  • Play HQ managed content across your entire display network mixed with local programming.
  • Create group hierarchies based on countries / states / regions / language / demographics…  Make your network fit your organization.
  • Assign meta-tags to players and content to further enhance your programming.


QL offers several player and content tagging options:

  • Exclude or include content from specific players within one or more groups using meta-tags.
  • One or more tags can be assigned to each player and content.  Content can require a single matching tag or all tags for playback.
  • Enforce playback rules.  For example, video “A” will only play on players with all matching tags.  This content won’t be shown on players with matching tags that are set to exclude this content or on any untagged players.  This content can be stored in a global or local level.  If global, the rule will apply anywhere the content is used.


Assign location specific content to any playlist

  • Each QL Player can be assigned up to 25 individual location specific content items (media or URL).  This content can be inserted in any playlist using placeholders. Players will display content assigned to the matching placeholder.  Players with no location specific content will ignore the placeholder and move to the next item in the playlist.
  • Create groups where some players show additional content related to their physical location while others play common playlist content.