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Multi-tenant, Multi-user with role


Create domains which are closed workspaces users will work from. It’s typically offices, departments or customer’s domain. 

Define user’s role profile. It can be the department he/she belongs to or a hierarchical level. Then define a view profile. It is what the user can see and whether a content, player, windows or feature is visible and accessible.

User authentication can be managed by QL or from third party systems such as Active directory and Single Sign-On – ADFS.


Administrator can create profiles related to user role, content approval and alert / event user notification.

 User role profile examples:

  • Edit group and player, domain and users with inferior level
  • See monitoring, analytics
  • Can add or edit content, playlist, scheduling grid
  • Content approval workflow


Alert profile: Show alerts through dashboard and e-mail whenever

  • A player is not operating as it should be
  • Connection issues
  • No program scheduled for the current day
  • Player’s available disk space insufficient


Event profile: Show event whenever

  • A player has received a new program
  • When content expired
  • Content and program ready for approval
  • Display turned on and off