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Bandwidth usage

Navori QL Player Software Bandwidth Usage

Navori QL is designed to be extremely efficient compared to other solutions. The software uses a “forward and store” method where media files are stored locally on the media player’s internal storage. Once the content is received, the software consumes minimal bandwidth. The figures in the table below do not take into account any external data feeds such as RSS, XML or QL Server hosted data.

Each QL Player sends a “heartbeat” signal to QL server according to a predefined cycle, the default being every 15 seconds. Decreasing the heartbeat frequency will further reduce the amount of bandwidth that is used.

Downloads of new program and contents can be constrained over night, on weekends or whenever the network resources are available for digital signage.

“Heartbeat” frequency Every 15 sec (default) Every minute Every 30 minutes
Monthly bandwidth organic usage  based on 24×7 operation, 30.5 days 450Mb 135Mb 19Mb